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07 Sep 2005, 11:49am by scramble

Scramble Auction Review

Scramble for the Ball brings you analysis of just one of the many fantasy auctions that have taken place in the past week. Of course, this one features the staff of Football Outsiders. We've also got a fantasy mailbag, Best Bets, and the first Keep Choppin' Wood award of the new season.

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01 Sep 2005, 10:01am by scramble

Scramble Fantasy Draft Mailbag II

Al and Vivek return with more answers to your fantasy football questions. How do you deal with FLEX positions? What is value based drafting, and why is it so important? And what's the best way to set up a Yahoo or ESPN autodraft? Feel free to discuss anything fantasy related here.

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25 Aug 2005, 02:14pm by scramble

Scramble Fantasy Draft Mailbag

Al and Vivek are here to answer your questions about the upcoming fantasy season. Who should you take at #1? #5? Which rookie receiver is your best bet this year? Who are some cheap receivers to look out for in auctions? What do you do when your fantasy league makes you carry a head coach on your roster? Plus Aaron drops in with a few new KUBIAK projections. They're Crayton-o-riffic.

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18 Aug 2005, 01:08pm by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: What Were We Thinking?

Al and Vivek take a look at the results from the 2005 Football Outsiders Offseason Contest. They reveal the winner of this year's contest and discuss all the offseason movement in the NFL.

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11 Aug 2005, 10:08pm by scramble

2005 Over-Unders: South Divisions

Al and Vivek wrap up the third annual Scramble for the Ball Over-Under Extravaganza with a trip to the land of Skynyrd, NASCAR, and ... David Letterman? Yes, according to NFL geography, Indianapolis is Dixieland. Plus, find out if anybody from the FO staff is willing to give Michael Vick the benefit of the doubt, and the latest cartoon from Jason Beattie.

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04 Aug 2005, 06:04pm by scramble

2005 Over-Unders: North Divisions

Welcome to Week 3 of the Over-Under Extravaganza. Does anyone have an easier road to the playoffs than Pittsburgh? Will Brett Favre make one more run at a Super Bowl title? Will Cleveland win a game? All these questions will be answered by Al and Vivek in the latest edition of Scramble for the Ball.

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28 Jul 2005, 07:51pm by scramble

2005 Over-Unders: East Divisions

Al and Vivek are back with Part II of the pre-season Over-Under Extravaganza. Will Dallas be a Super Bowl contender or miss the playoffs altogether? Are the Bills ready to contend with New England for a division title? How bad can things get in Washington? All these questions answered, plus some obligatory Mike Nugent bashing in the latest edition of Scramble for the Ball.

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22 Jul 2005, 12:47am by scramble

2005 Over-Unders: West Divisions

Vivek and Al are back with a new season of Scramble for the Ball, and the over-under lines for the NFC and AFC West leave them with some tough choices. Will the Rams have enough defense? Will the Raiders have enough defense? Will the Chiefs have enough defense? Will the Seahawks have enough defense? (Do you notice a pattern here?)

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11 Feb 2005, 01:08pm by scramble

Scramble for the Ball: That's My Jam!

Like Joe Montana, Al and Vivek are already looking forward to the NFL of tomorrow. The final Scramble for the Ball of the season takes a look at the players in the Second Annual Football Outsiders Offseason Contest and the early future lines for the winner of next year's Super Bowl. Plus, yet another look back at the Super Bowl, the final results of the Football Outsiders fantasy playoff league and last, but not least, the Keep Choppin' Wood Award.

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03 Feb 2005, 06:50pm by scramble

The Second Annual Super Bowl Prop Bet Extravaganza

Will Josh Parry have more than 5.5 combined yards? Will Kevin Faulk's longest run from scrimmage be under 8 yards? Will Dirk Nowitski have a better night than L.J. Smith? The answer to these questions and more are inside Scramble for the Ball's Second Annual Prop Bet Extravaganza. Al, Vivek, and a returning Ian Dembsky take a look at practically every wager you could make on the Super Bowl.

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