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07 May 2012, 02:18pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Adds Matt Hinton to College Coverage

Well, the folks at CBS Sportsline got the jump on us, but that means we're finally allowed to publicly announce the addition of Matt Hinton to our college football coverage. (Click to read more.)

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19 Apr 2012, 02:58pm by Bill Connelly

2005-11 College Football Receiver Data (Targets and Catches)

At Football Study Hall today, I posted a link to full 2005-11 college football targets-and-catches data. Measures like Catch Rate and Yards Per Target are so much more informative than simple yards and yards per catch, so hopefully people enjoy it. There is a likely essay about the data and its predictive and evaluative potential coming in the Football Outsiders Almanac 2012, but for now, here is all the raw data you can stomach.

And yes, the Big 12 has had some ridiculously prolific passing offenses. Who knew?

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17 Apr 2012, 12:08pm by Aaron Schatz

Cosell Talks: Blackmon or Floyd?

Greg Cosell looks at film for the top two WR prospects in this year's draft, Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd, and brings up some interesting points about the development of the NFL game over the last few years. Are possession receivers worth more now than they were a few years ago? Is Blackmon still an elite prospect if he doesn't have top-line vertical speed? I'll point out that our own Matt Waldman, in his Rookie Scouting Portfolio 2012, makes the same determination as Cosell: Floyd, not Blackmon, is the top wide receiver in this draft class.

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10 Apr 2012, 09:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Arkansas Fires Bobby Petrino

In some ways, the Petrino scandal is similar to the Saints bounty scandal in the NFL. The problem isn't just that Petrino apparently hired his mistress at Arkansas and isn't the world's safest driver of motorcycles. The problem is that he repeatedly lied to the Arkansas higher-ups about his mistress, hiring his mistress, and the mistress' presence at the motorcycle accident. He also tried to avoid disclosing the name of the mistress on the accident report filed with police. The cover-up almost always ends up hurting these guys more than the original crime.

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13 Feb 2012, 05:12pm by Rivers McCown

CUSA and MWC Will Merge

According to CBS' Brett McMurphy, the two leagues are dissolving to form a 18- to 24-team conference that will start in 2013-2014.

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22 Jan 2012, 11:43am by Aaron Schatz

Joe Paterno Dead at 85

Joe Paterno passed away this morning at the age of 85, after a two-month battle with lung cancer. The cancer diagnosis came just nine days after he was fired by Penn State due to the Sandusky scandal. Click the link for some expanded thoughts from our own Bill Connelly over at SB Nation.

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31 Dec 2011, 07:18pm by Robert Weintraub

Aaron Rodgers Has A Little Brother

And he's the quarterback at Vanderbilt. A profile in the New York Times by Robert Weintraub.

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18 Dec 2011, 03:54pm by Aaron Schatz


Just a quick note for all you college football fans out there: FEI stats pages have now been updated to include separate offense, defense, and special teams stats for 2007-2010.

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06 Dec 2011, 02:36pm by Rivers McCown

Five to Officially Join Big East Tomorrow

Yes, after months of waiting, the four schools that everyone already knew were going to the Big East -- Boise State, Houston, SMU, and UCF -- will officially announce that they are joining the conference. They will be joined by the Big East-est recruit yet, San Diego State. No, really.

According to Brett McMurphy of CBSSports.com, the Big East will pursue Navy and Air Force as well in an attempt to reach 12 football members again.

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30 Nov 2011, 05:34pm by Rivers McCown

Mike Leach to Coach at Washington State

CBS's Bruce Feldman is reporting that the Washington State Cougars will turn their football program over to former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. Paul Wulff is out after guiding the Cougars to a 9-40 record over their past four seasons.

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