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17 Sep 2011, 11:00am by Rivers McCown

Pittsburgh and Syracuse "Likely Gone" to ACC

According to CBSSports.com, the wheel of college football realignment has spread to the east coast. Pittsburgh and Syracuse have submitted applications to leave the Big East for the ACC, and both are expected to be admitted.

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14 Sep 2011, 04:41pm by Rivers McCown

The Shame of College Sports

The Atlantic's cover feature is a takedown of the NCAA's corporate structure. The content is hardly groundbreaking, but this is a good consolidation of the silliness that abounds within the NCAA offices.

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07 Sep 2011, 12:26am by Rivers McCown

Texas A&M to Announce Move to SEC on Wednesday

According to a report, the SEC has voted to accept Texas A&M into the conference. The Aggies will officially announce the move tomorrow at Kyle Field.

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31 Aug 2011, 11:41am by Rivers McCown

Texas A&M Plans to Leave Big 12 by Next June

Texas A&M has officially informed the Big 12 that it plans to pursue a membership with the SEC. Should the SEC vote to accept the Aggies, they plan to leave the Big 12 by June 30, 2012.

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30 Aug 2011, 09:38am by Rivers McCown

VUU Weathers Storm, St. Augustine's in Opener

While the rest of the East Coast made preparations for Hurricane Irene, Virginia Union and St. Augustine's got together to play some football in the ugly conditions. Not often you see a punt go -1 yard.

(There's also this slightly NSFW punt.)

(Hat tip to Smart Football)

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26 Aug 2011, 08:18am by Bill Connelly

FOA 2011 MEDIA: College Podcasts

Here are a couple of FOA-related podcasts featuring Bill Connelly.

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19 Aug 2011, 09:45am by Aaron Schatz

Rock M Nation Founder Blogs About College Football Statistics

Look! Missouri's Vox Magazine has profiled our very own Bill Connelly!

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16 Aug 2011, 08:27pm by Rivers McCown

Renegade Miami Football Booster Spells Out Illicit Benefits To Players

A "sustained, eight-year run of rampant NCAA rule breaking" has been uncovered by Yahoo!'s investigative ninjas at the University of Miami. Former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro, now in jail for his role in a Ponzi scheme, detailed to Charles Robinson how he gave benefits to at least 72 football players and estimated that the amount of money given to them was "in the millions."

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27 Jul 2011, 08:59pm by Brian Fremeau

North Carolina Fires Butch Davis

Nine days before fall practice begins and less than 24 hours before UNC will meet with NCAA officials regarding an investigation into improper benefits and academic misconduct, head coach Butch Davis has been fired.

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19 Jul 2011, 04:38pm by Brian Fremeau

FO in Maple Street Press College Football Annuals

Brian Fremeau and Bill Connelly contributed FO analysis to several Maple Street Press college football annuals, available now.

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