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20 Jul 2010

FOA MEDIA: Interview With Lawrence Journal-World

Jesse Newell of the Lawrence Journal-World has jumped with both feet into the F.O. world of college stats (here's a recent post of his regarding running back stats like Highlight Yards and what they have to say about Kansas), and we chatted a while back about the Football Outsiders Almanac and what goes into the F.O. projections. From the above link, you can access both quotes from our discussion and a link to the podcast itself. The discussion centered mostly on the Big 12.

A couple of SB Nation blogs have also thrown some Q&A's our way recently:

* Double-T Nation (Texas Tech): DTN's Q&A with Football Outsiders College Bill Connelly
* BC Interruption (Boston College): Five Good Minutes: Football Outsiders Almanac

You can follow all three of these people/sites on Twitter: @jessenewell, @doubletnation, and @BCinterruption.

Posted by: Bill Connelly on 20 Jul 2010