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08 Nov 2010

Notre Dame's Power Position Depth

Keith Arnold of the NBC sports "Inside the Irish" blog has been investigating a host of issues related to Notre Dame's struggles on the field this year. Standing at 4-5 following losses to Navy and Tulsa, Brian Kelly's honeymoon is already over in South Bend. And with Utah, Army and USC coming up, confidence in the short-term future of the program is low.

The long-term may be another story, according to Arnold, as long as Notre Dame can adopt a player development strategy that gets veterans on the field rather than underclassmen. Based on data collected by Arnold and an Irish blogger 'FunkDoctorSpock', I contributed the infographic that appears the linked article to visualize Notre Dame's development deficiencies in the offensive line and defensive front seven.

Posted by: Brian Fremeau on 08 Nov 2010