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12 May 2011

Lately On Football Study Hall...

The train keeps a-rolling over at SB Nation, where I have uncorked another month's worth of posts at Football Study Hall, and where I have begun this summer's major-conference profiles at the SBN mothership. We're counting down from worst to first (according to four-year F/+ history) for the SBN profiles, so it's been a lot of "They improved to 3-9," and "What is their ceiling, 6-6 and a minor bowl bid?" thus far. Hopefully you've been keeping up, but just in case you haven't, here's what you've missed since my last XP:

The idea here is to use Study Hall as a supplement for concepts discussed previously at Outsiders. When my Adj. POE columns went up pre-draft, I took to Study Hall to post full lists of backs. We also dove a bit into program health, the four-year F/+ averages, and what they have to say about last summer's conference realignment festival.

The Toolbox: Adj. POE
The Toolbox: Highlight Yards
Four-Year F/+ Averages
The Toolbox: Offensive Line Stats
EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™ and Four-Year F/+ Averages

From time to time, a topic will arise that requires some immediate analysis and/or argument.

Why We Like Andy Staples: He'll Argue With Us
Chip Kelly's Offense: "Genius" To Be Solved, or Good Offense With Good Talent and Good Execution?

Classic Study Hall
With team profiles taking over, we'll see how many of these I'm able to do, but I still figure the best way to get people used to the Varsity Numbers-style "box score" is to show them that the format can tell them about great games they remember.

2009: Alabama vs Texas
2010: Auburn vs Oregon

Anatomy Of An Upset
Another series in its infancy, this will focus on major upsets that have occurred in the last few years and what factors were so important in such "David > Goliath" moments.

2007: Appalachian State vs Michigan
2007: UL-Monroe vs Alabama

Team Profiles at FSH
The mid-majors continue to get posted at Study Hall, though the pace has obviously slowed with the BCS profiles beginning as well.

Summer Vacation: The Arkansas State Red Wolves and the Most Interesting Coach in the World
Summer Vacation: The Big East, the Filthy Diablo and the Memphis Tigers
Summer Vacation: Rambler, Gambler and the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders
Summer Vacation: Standard Downs, Big Red Blobs and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
Summer Vacation: Staggering Consistency and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles
Summer Vacation: Heart Attacks, Downfield Passes and the UAB Blazers
Summer Vacation: The Troy Trojans, Jim Croce and a Celebration
Summer Vacation: Mustaches, Ground Games, and the Florida Atlantic Owls
Summer Vacation: The Florida International Golden Panthers and the Best Trip to Detroit ... Ever!
Summer Vacation: Sophomore Slumps, Sleeping Giants and the Central Florida Knights
Summer Vacation: The East Carolina Pirates and ... Math, FTW!
Summer Vacation: The Marshall Thundering Herd, Joey Potter and the Vendetta Ride
Summer Vacation: The Navy Midshipmen and the Art of Keepin' On Keepin On
Summer Vacation: The Temple Owls, Inspectah Deck and the Surreptitious Efforts of Bob Davie
Summer Vacation: Proven Recipes, Old Powers And The Army Cadets

Team Profiles at SBN
The major conference teams (and a few top mid-majors) get the treatment at SBN.com.

The Washington State Cougars And The Value Of Improvement
Your Son And The Iowa State Cyclones
The Past, The Present, And The Syracuse Orange
The Indiana Hoosiers And The Ever-Lasting Game of Catch-Up
The Coaching Graveyard And The Duke Blue Devils
Underdog Redux And The Vanderbilt Commodores
The Baylor Bears And The Celebrity Hot Tub Party

What I Love
A continuing look at all the little things I love about this silly sport.

Vol. 6: Dreamland
Vol. 7: The Old Pitt Helmet
Vol. 8: Death Valley
Vol. 9: Barry Sanders Highlights

Guest Appearances
Solid Verbal Podcast: Behind The Numbers with Bill Connelly

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