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06 Sep 2013

Flashes: WR Allen Hurns, Miami

Long-time college and NFL coach Dave Wannestedt told an ESPN crew that he awarded Dion Lewis a full ride to Pitt after watching just one play of the Browns running back’s high school tape. Sounds foolish, but I won’t lie: There are some plays impressive enough that you realize you’ve seen much of what you need to see. These are rare moments and other than Adrian Peterson, I can’t remember the last time I experienced that feeling about a player after witnessing one play.

While no magic pill, there is a type of play for wide receivers that is guaranteed to heighten my interest in a player. I call it the Money Catch. Give me a receiver who can make these consistently and I’m less concerned about his height, weight, 40-time, bench press, or stats. A receiver who demonstrates this skill may not become an NFL starter, but there are few quality NFL starters who lack this ability.

University of Miami wide receiver Allen Hurns flashes this skill. The 6’3″, 195-pound prospect also provides a good illustration of a technique flaw I’ve heard many pro receivers discuss: Leaving one’s feet to catch a target that doesn’t require it. I still have more to watch of Hurns’ game, but here are three clear examples of good technique and a habit that needs curbing.

Posted by: Matt Waldman on 06 Sep 2013

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by foxlies (not verified) :: Sat, 09/07/2013 - 6:12am

hi from n.f.l. alternative .thanks 4 informative article i only am expert on n.f.l..this helps me 2 enjoy watching u.m. play this week;will enhance my viewing.Wonder whats your take on recent usc grad robert woods[also poor speed but nifty routes] does he make the 'money catch?'