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14 May 2007, 03:53am by Bill Barnwell

MMQB: Steelers, Tradition, Defense, et al

Sorry - the actual title is too long for the box. This one goes out to the European readership, so they can have a whole discussion by the time the US East Coast wakes up.

PK holds court on highway symmetry, chick flicks, talking horses, the hair length of football players (has he not seen Serie A before?!?) and yes, how cell phones make modern living easy. Oh, and football too.

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13 May 2007, 03:03pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Favre Asked To Be Traded

Shorter Brett Favre: "It's not you, it's me ... I don't like you."

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11 May 2007, 08:12pm by Bill Barnwell

Faneca Playing Final Season in Pittsburgh

Hat tip to our good friends at PFT: Alan Faneca says that this will be his last season in Pittsburgh and that he hesitates to even remain as co-captain of the offense.

On the other hand, Faneca also said something to the effect that Ben Roethlisberger wasn't ready when he came into the lineup in 2004, and he did pretty well, from what I recall.

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10 May 2007, 12:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Vick's Downward Spiral

Look, I'll be honest, I know this is a huge story but I have nothing to say about it. It sounds like the guy did something horrible, but I don't really feel like becoming an expert in the details. I'm completely sick of Vick the Media Phenomenon, and apparently Vick the Actual Person is not a nice fellow either. I know people want to talk about this, but I'll be perfectly selfish: I'm desperate for this to be resolved in the next week, and I'm thankful that the story involves Michael Vick and not Steve McNair, J.P. Losman, or Carson Palmer.

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09 May 2007, 09:39pm by Bill Barnwell

Raiders Fire Lombardi

Hey, if Vince was still around, I'm sure they would get rid of him, too.

Michael Lombardi's been let go by Oakland.

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08 May 2007, 10:16pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Panthers' Steve Smith Gets New Deal

The Panthers have given Steve Smith a three-year extension, keeping him in Carolina through 2012. Details weren't disclosed, but there's probably not a player in the league more deserving of a raise. (ProFootballTalk.com has Smith getting $27 million in new money, though it's unkown how much of that is guaranteed.)

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07 May 2007, 04:34pm by Bill Barnwell

Jaguars Waive Carroll After Arrest

Occasionally, the ESPN commenters get a good one in.

"I heard he also got busted for pass interference and illegal contact."

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07 May 2007, 11:31am by Bill Barnwell

MMQB: Why Green Is Still a Chief

I thought this would be about the Muppets attempt to overthrow Kermit.

Sadly for "Peter King Discovers Beer and Technology" fans, he's stuck to the old standbys this week.

There's also a lot of really good insight into the Trent Green situation which will probably be ignored in lieu of commenting on the coffee comment. Oh well.

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03 May 2007, 11:36pm by Doug Farrar

Raiders Looking at Mike Mayock?

According to Jerry McDonald of InsideBayArea.com, the Oakland Raiders are preparing for the "inevitable replacement" of current GM Mike Lombardi by looking at NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock as a possible personnel executive. McDonald also mentions NFL.com columnist Pat Kirwan as a option. Personally, I hope Mayock stays right where he is, but that's a selfish interest. He was the pointman of the NFL Network's superlative draft coverage this year, and he's become, in my opinion, the best talking head on the subject.

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03 May 2007, 12:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

White Out to Erase Doubt

Anybody else wondering what the Titans were doing last weekend? Specifically, why would they take a running back in the second round when they took LenDale White in Round 2 last year? I know, White looks like a nose tackle right now, but doesn't Tennessee have a bunch of other needs? And it's not like Chris Henry (the other one) has proven he can be a reliable option as a pro. He was benched at the University of Arizona for his attitude and fumblitis.

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