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27 Apr 2007, 09:54am by Bill Barnwell

Attn: DC FO Readers

You traded your first-round pick for a bag of footballs.

No, just kidding. I am heading down to DC for the weekend and I have no idea where to watch the NFL Draft on Saturday.

Your suggestions on where to enjoy the agony of Berman and the musk of Kiper would be appreciated. I'll be staying a few blocks away from the White House, near the Metro Center stop on the Red Line. E-mail the suggestions to bbarnwell (-a-) footballoutsiders.com. Much obliged.

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26 Apr 2007, 08:28pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Draft Insider Q&A: Charley Casserly

You gotta love the 1982 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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26 Apr 2007, 12:24pm by Aaron Schatz

Jason David Goes to the Saints

Sorry we missed this story when David first signed his offer sheet... The Colts announced today that they won't match the contract David signed with New Orleans, so they'll get a fourth-round pick from the Saints and have two new starting cornerbacks this year. Certainly, cornerbacks are not as valuable in the Tampa-2 as they might be in other defensive schemes, but Tampa Bay and Chicago certainly seem to value their corners more than the Colts.

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26 Apr 2007, 02:06am by Bill Barnwell

Archive: Hot Button with Jack McCallum

On the eve of the draft, we at Football Outsiders pass on the sage wisdom of SI writer Jack McCallum as written following the 2000 draft. Please, don't take his words to heart, number-crunching geeks.

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25 Apr 2007, 02:26pm by Bill Barnwell

Hall Traded To St. Louis

X is now gonna give it to St. Louis, as the Rams acquired Dante Hall for a fifth-round pick for this Sunday.

Expect the Rams to talk about getting Hall the ball "in space".

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25 Apr 2007, 09:59am by P. Ryan Wilson

They Know How to Pick 'Em

You want to hear an amazing stat? Entering last season, 74.2 percent (46 of 62) of the players Baltimore drafted since 1999 were on an NFL roster. And yes, that's best in the NFL. Why so much success? The Ravens are one of six teams that do not belong to scouting services used by the rest of the league. Instead, their scouts do all the work. And then there's 36-year-old Eric DeCosta, the director of college scouting. He's the NFL's version of Theo Epstein (sans monkey suit).

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24 Apr 2007, 09:57am by P. Ryan Wilson

Redskins Like Landry

In today's Washington Post there's speculation the Redskins might take LSU safety LaRon Landry with the sixth-overall pick in this weekend's draft. Landry fills an obvious need in the secondary, but some scouts think he's too much like Sean Taylor for it to work. The other issue is that drafting Landry doesn't address the defensive line. Louisville DT Amobi Okoye is also mentioned as a possible target, but all of this assumes Washington doesn't trade up (for Calvin Johnson!) or down (for more warm bodies). (Free registration/bugmenot required.)

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23 Apr 2007, 09:46am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Last-Minute Maneuverings

In this week's installment, PK opines that Tampa Bay will not trade up to get Calvin Johnson, discloses that several NFL people are VERY unhappy about the PFW "Prospects and Pot" story, now believes that the Raiders will take JaMarcus Russell, and reveals that he "likes the way Jason Whitlock thinks". Back page summary: Yes on Mary Beth King, no on iPods.

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22 Apr 2007, 05:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

In College, Insurance Can Be Best Policy

When an NFL-ready player opts to return for his senior season the conversation usually turns to foregone millions and the chance of injury. The New York Times has an interesting piece on the insurance policies many of these players take out during college. The going rate for $1 million policy is $10,000, which is often secured through loans. The problem, though, is that if a player takes out a $1 million policy before his senior season, stays healthy but plays poorly, and then doesn't get drafted ... well, he's out ten grand.

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21 Apr 2007, 06:51pm by Bill Barnwell

Vikings Fans, Look Away

Since it's so slow, here's a short Youtube Tecmo Bowl clip. It involves Nate Poole. That should be enough to explain the title.

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