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21 Apr 2007, 06:29am by Bill Barnwell

Big 10 DTs Go Home

Michigan’s Alan Branch and Louisville’s Amobi Okoye are the highest regarded defensive tackles in the 2007 draft, but Bill Barnwell claims that history shows that neither will be the best in the class. (Click link to read more.)

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19 Apr 2007, 07:16pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Nike Signs Football's Top Pro Prospects

And the Nike Empire grows... The 2007 Nike rookie class inlcudes: Gaines Adams, Leon Hall, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Greg Olsen, Amobi Okoye, Adrian Peterson, Brady Quinn, and JaMarcus Russell. There's a Johnson/Adams/Okoye shoe-that-smokes-after-a-big-play joke in there somewhere.

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17 Apr 2007, 07:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Fictional Football Mock Draft

Tired of debating the merits of Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell? Ready for something totally frivolous? Jim Reineking over at FOX has put together a mock draft of fictional football players, as if they were real athletes. Maybe he had a larger role in his movie, but I think the Raiders are making a mistake going with Joe Kane over Frank Cushman, and everybody knows that Jimmy Sanderson is more talented than both quarterbacks anyway. Honestly, how can the guy from The Longest Yard not end up in Cincinnati as Carson Palmer's backup, and where the hell is Shane "Footsteps" Falco?

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16 Apr 2007, 10:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Vince Young, Meet Madden Curse

The nightmare off-season of the Tennessee Titans just gets worse and worse. The Nashville City Paper is reporting that Vince Young is the coverboy for Madden 08. Normally, the player on the cover is tied in some way to the changes made in the game that year, but I'm not sure what kind of changes Vince Young would signify. Better scrambling? Throw sidearm when you hit the side trigger? Bo Scaife gets a 97 rating, perhaps?

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16 Apr 2007, 06:54pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Green In, Culpepper Out in Miami?

Let's just say the Dolphins trade for Trent Green and release Daunte Culpepper. Then what? Does Miami still try to land a quarterback in the first round? Enough to trade up if they have to? Or, should they concentrate on players like Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards or John Beck in later rounds? And does another NFL team give Culpepper a shot?

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16 Apr 2007, 08:20am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Not Worth the Big Bucks

Peter King wonders if this year's first-round draft class is all it's cracked up to be, doesn't understand why people go all crazy and nutty over this draft and schedule stuff (answer: because discussing the new personal conduct policy isn't going to tide us over until training camp), discloses a way in which Pacman Jones could actually play this year, and goes all "Sopranos" on New Jersey's governor. Note: The best part of King's column may actually be a Paul Zimmerman quote.

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15 Apr 2007, 09:20pm by Bill Barnwell

Will Shields Retires

Will Shields has left the game of football after fourteen seasons with Kansas City. While Tiki Barber's retirement received a lot of fanfare, is the retirement of arguably the best interior lineman of his generation a bigger story? Discuss.

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15 Apr 2007, 12:01pm by Aaron Schatz

Falcons Shake Up Roles on Defense

Because, you know, that whole Keith Brooking as middle linebacker thing always worked so well in the past.

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13 Apr 2007, 11:43pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos Release Al Wilson

The $5.2 base salary was one thing. The neck injury was another issue. Put them both together, and the Broncos felt they couldn't keep Al Wilson anymore. If you went back into the FO archives and compare us to other sites around the Web, I'm sure you will find that no other website has more sentences that include the words "Wilson," "underrated," and "defender." I understand why the Broncos made this decision, but it doesn't make their team better, that's for sure. If you are a believer in things like "chemistry" and "leadership," well, the decision to cut Wilson looks even worse.

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13 Apr 2007, 08:44pm by P. Ryan Wilson

An Unofficial Guide to the Draft

This Pat Kirwan column is pretty good. I don't agree with all 12 points, but I like the idea that special teamers should be a priority, and the Jeff Samardzija scenario is ... interesting.

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