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13 Dec 2006, 12:40pm by Mike Tanier

Who is the Rookie of the Year?

The Rookie of the Year race is coming down to the wire. Mike Tanier provides an analysis of which contenders remain. (Click link to read more.)

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12 Dec 2006, 11:55pm by Bill Barnwell

Patriots Release Doug Gabriel

Well, that didn't last long. Doug Gabriel's been cut by the Patriots, who will seemingly actually be employing a combination of Troy Brown, Reche Caldwell, and Jabar Gaffney as their wide receiver options. The Patriots also cut James Patrick, which makes sense, since he's 43 and can't skate.

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12 Dec 2006, 03:11pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Geniuses Among Us

From Page 2: "TMQ is here to educate you that we're all inadequate losers standing in Mike Shanahan's shadow." (For the record, I'm an inadequate loser standing next to most people.)

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12 Dec 2006, 02:47pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Keep it Simple

From SI.com's Jeffri Chadiha: "After spending last week with the Titans, I started thinking that the NFL is becoming too complicated for its own good. I say this because the Titans have helped Young become an immediate success by keeping things simple. Instead of forcing him to fit into a system they've been running for years, they've modified their offense to fit his rare skills (a move that even included installing some of Young's college plays)." Somebody get Greg Knapp on the phone.

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12 Dec 2006, 01:35pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Seattle Seahawks

Are the Seahawks on their way to becoming the worst divisional champ of the DVOA era? Aaron Schatz takes a look. (Click link to read more.)

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12 Dec 2006, 01:28pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Running on third-and-long

Are you tired of your team running draws on third and long? Aaron Schatz takes a look at how often they actually result in a first down. (Click link to read more.)

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12 Dec 2006, 11:43am by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Selling Troy Smith Short

Man, the Troy Smith train is really gathering steam. Page 2's Jemele Hill tries to make the case that Smith should be a top-five pick this April. ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit thinks the Browns should make Smith their next quarterback of the future (the line starts behind Charlie Frye). I know Smith has had a great college season, but does anybody think he'll be an above-average NFL quarterback? (Seriously. I don't watch a lot of college football so I'm really curious about this.)

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11 Dec 2006, 05:24pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Saints Go as Far as Brees Carries Them

After shellacking the Cowboys on Sunday night are the Saints now the best team in the NFC? Are the Bears still the favorites even with Rex Grossman? Is New Orleans' defense too much of a liability? Does it even matter since Drew Brees throws for 400 yards a game? I need answers!

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11 Dec 2006, 01:34pm by Aaron Schatz

Young Clark Kent Can't Help Showing Off a Little

Can you imagine what it would have been like if Reggie Bush had gone to high school after the creation of YouTube? It would be a lot like how you will feel after you watch these YouTube videos of Cy Creek High running back Sam McGuffie. We can break down all the numbers and X's and O's but sometimes you just want to watch a football player who makes you go "whoa." Thanks, Deadspin.

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11 Dec 2006, 11:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Emerging from the Pack

Peter King consults Jerome Bettis on which potential 2006 wild-card team has the best shot at running the table. Also, the Quotes of the Week might be the best of the season.

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