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22 Nov 2006, 11:11am by P. Ryan Wilson

UPDATE: Jay Cutler to Start Week 13

Am I the only person who thinks benching Jake Plummer for rookie Jay Cutler is a bit premature? Since, you know, the Broncos have a really good chance to make the playoffs.

(UPDATE: 9pm Wednesday night, this now points to an NFL.com article where Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos will start Plummer this week, but will replace him with Cutler beginning with the Sunday night game against the Seahawks on December 3.)

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22 Nov 2006, 11:09am by Mike Tanier

A Thanksgiving Football Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving! And what could you be more thankful for than high school football?

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21 Nov 2006, 07:34pm by Michael David Smith

Peter King Analyzes Eli Manning

Credit where it's due: Peter King shows some honest-to-goodness analysis in this week's mailbag. Perhaps taking a page from Dr. Z's playbook, he charted every single one of Eli Manning's passes last night. Conclusion: "Though I don't think it's hopeless, his accuracy has to be a concern to the Giants."

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21 Nov 2006, 04:13pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Stop the INT Insanity!

Gregg Easterbrook writes that there were an unusual number of awful-looking interceptions in the NFL during Week 11 and he's blaming "SportsCenter."

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21 Nov 2006, 03:52pm by P. Ryan Wilson

All a Part of Its Vision

Here's an interesting article about Steve Bornstein, the NFL's executive vice president for media. After stints with ESPN and ABC, Bornstein hopes to build the three-year-old NFL Network into a success. With 40 million viewers, it looks like he's on the right track, but there's a snag: as the NFL gets ready to broadcast it's first live game this Thursday, the NFL Network and cable companies are still squabbling over the details. And yes, details means money.

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21 Nov 2006, 12:11pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Garcia or Feeley?

Losing your starting quarterback is never a good thing ... well, unless you're the Redskins, but even with Donovan McNabb done for the season, the Philadelphia Eagles are only a game back of the division leaders. So here's the question: can Philly make the playoffs with Jeff Garcia, A.J. Feeley, or some combination of the two? And looking forward, should the team give serious consideration to finding a quality backup?

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21 Nov 2006, 11:14am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Rex Grossman

Rex Grossman: the king of making blowouts even more lopsided.

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21 Nov 2006, 01:26am by P. Ryan Wilson

Aaron Rodgers Out for the Season

Brett Favre cannot be stopped and anyone who gets in his way will be destroyed. Or something like that. Aaron Rodgers is done for the season with a broken foot and rookie Ingle Martin is now the backup.

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20 Nov 2006, 12:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Out of Nowhere

Peter King on Week 11: "Weird stuff happens."

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20 Nov 2006, 11:21am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: More Charlie Frye

Is Charlie Frye really as bad as everyone say’s he is? Aaron Schatz uses similarity scores to find out if it is time for Cleveland to give up and find a new quarterback of the future.

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