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07 Aug 2006, 12:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Looking Out For No. 1

Peter King hits the Bengals and Texans training camp to check on the progress of two former No. 1 picks: Carson Palmer, who's recovering from a knee injury, and David Carr, who's recovering from four consecutive losing seasons.

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06 Aug 2006, 04:39pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Training-Camp Postcard: Colts

I like Peter King -- I really do -- but to say that "... the Colts gained more with the addition of Adam Vinatieri than they lost with the subtraction of James," is just plain silly. Yeah, I know, Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai will share the running back duties, but unless these guys can pick up the blitz like James, he'll be missed. Or maybe King thinks Vinatieri can block in which case, well, it still doesn't make any sense.

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06 Aug 2006, 03:21pm by Tim Gerheim

Steelers Tackle Arrested After Motorcycle Chase

Samuel Johnson once said patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel. He couldn't have known it in 1775, but he was wrong. Apparently it's the AFC North. Bill Cowher must wake up in a cold sweat a couple nights a week, tormented by that recurring dream in which his whole team is rent asunder by a demonic motorcycle.

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05 Aug 2006, 03:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Not Yet, but Walter's Time is Coming

Quarterback Andrew Walter is currently second on the depth chart behind Aaron Brooks, but the Raiders have big plans for the 2005 third-rounder. The team passed on both Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler in this year's draft, and given that Brooks' contract is basically a one-year deal, Walter could be the full-time starter in 2007. Or until Brooks throws a pass backwards. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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04 Aug 2006, 01:32pm by Michael David Smith

Top 25: 1. Ohio State, 2. Texas

The coaches' poll has released its Top 25, and it reminds us that we all need to tell our wives and girlfriends now that we're not going out on Saturday, September 9. That's the night that top-ranked Ohio State takes on No. 2 and defending champ Texas. Oh, and then the next day we've got a full slate of NFL games.

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04 Aug 2006, 10:35am by Aaron Schatz

White Wide Receivers Fight Discrimination

Somewhere, Brian Stablein is crying tears of joy. Finally, someone understands his pain.

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04 Aug 2006, 12:28am by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Refs to Sport New Uniforms

Rumor has it that Ed Hochuli will wear a sleeveless version of the new shirts on a trial basis during the preseason.

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03 Aug 2006, 09:22am by P. Ryan Wilson

LaMont's Lament

Good news Raiders fans: LaMont Jordan will actually study his playbook this season. A year ago he admitted to not knowing the team's blocking schemes, but still managed to rush for 1,025 yards. I guess this is what five-year, $27.5 million contracts get you these days.

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03 Aug 2006, 02:11am by P. Ryan Wilson

Chiefs Trade for Michael Bennett

Despite Chief's president Carl Peterson's proclamations to the contrary, I have a hunch that Priest Holmes is done in Kansas City.

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31 Jul 2006, 02:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Brian Finneran Probably Done for Year

I know there's this rumor that we hate everything Atlanta-related, but that's actually not true. One example: We've been singing the praises of Brian Finneran for a couple of years. Which is why I am really bummed about this news that Finneran suffered a knee injury yesterday. The Falcons haven't announced the official MRI results yet, but all indications are that this is a torn ligament or patella tendon that will cost Finneran the season. Pressure on Michael Jenkins and Roddy White just went up, and there's really no depth behind them.

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