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17 Mar 2006, 12:50pm by Michael David Smith

Is T.O. Headed to Big D?

Drew Rosenhaus has denied reports that Terrell Owens and the Dallas Cowboys have reached an agreement on a contract, but Jay Glazer reports that a deal has, in fact, been reached. I'm just looking forward to learning the terms of the deal he eventually signs. I can't imagine that he'll end up with more money than he would have if he had just kept his mouth shut and played in Philadelphia. And what kind of clauses will his deal in Dallas have to ensure that he's on his best behavior?

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16 Mar 2006, 03:10pm by Michael David Smith

Lions Sign McCown -- Harrington Out?

The Lions have signed Josh McCown, giving them five quarterbacks on the roster -- McCown, Joey Harrington, Jon Kitna, Shaun King and Dan Orlovsky. They'll likely bring four to training camp. Which one do you think will be released before then? Could it be the one who's owed $8.5 million this year?

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16 Mar 2006, 03:07pm by admin

Help FO Compile OLine Data

Hey folks, we want your help with a project we are working on to put together a database of the starting offensive line for each team for the period 1997-2003. (2004-2005 are done already.) How can you help? In the comments, list the main starters from your favorite team for each of those seven years, as well as you can remember, with positions: LT, LG, C, RG, RT. (Yes, we know there are injuries, but we're looking for the guys who started the majority of the games.) If your favorite team is already entered in the comments, no need to list them again, but we're trying to get all 32 teams.

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16 Mar 2006, 02:21pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Falcons' Schaub Won't be a Jet

The Jets want a quarterback and they'd like to get rid of John Abraham in the process. Unfortunately, one of their targets, Matt Schaub, isn't for sale (the Falcons like Abraham, but not enough to part with a first round pick). The Jets are also interested in Patrick Ramsey, but the Redskins are asking for a fourth round pick while New York is only offering a seventh. Meanwhile, Matt Leinart has expressed interest in playing in New York, but Tennessee could take him before the Jets get a chance.

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15 Mar 2006, 09:44pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Arrington's Agent Suspended for Two Years

There are no real details in the story, but I think this still merits a mention:

"Carl Poston, the agent for ex-Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, was suspended for two years Wednesday by the NFL Players' Association's Committee on Agent Regulation & Discipline, the SportsBusiness Journal reported.

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15 Mar 2006, 04:13pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Vikes to get New Uniforms

I think I know why Daunte Culpepper wanted out of Minnesota -- the Vikings are getting new uniforms: "Steve LaCroix, vice president of sales and marketing, confirmed that the team is redesigning its uniform but would neither reveal details nor comment on a report that the design includes purple pants to be worn at home with purple jerseys."

Nothing instills fear in an opponent like purple on purple. All that's missing is to slap the likeness of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince on the helmets.

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14 Mar 2006, 08:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

T.O., Keyshawn Cut Loose

Hmmm. I wonder if these two events are related? In other news, the Titans signed David Givens and Kevin Mawae, Mike Williams signs with the Jags and Kimo Von Oelhoffen is a Jet.

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14 Mar 2006, 04:50pm by Aaron Schatz

Brees Signs Six-Year Deal with Saints

Ugh, I am so disappointed. Maybe this sounds strange, but I do feel a connection to players when our stats like them more than the conventional wisdom. Drew Brees is one of "our guys" and I feel like he just walked into a black hole, unless Zachary Hilton is about to become Antonio Gates or something. Anyway, at least the guy got paid, six years and $60 million with $10 million of that in signing bonus. The Saints now say they will try to trade out of the second position in the draft. You know, because God forbid they draft a franchise left tackle to protect their new expensive quarterback.

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14 Mar 2006, 03:18pm by Michael David Smith

Culpepper to Dolphins

Jay Glazer reports that the Miami Dolphins have acquired quarterback Daunte Culpepper for a second round pick. The deal means the Vikings have even more salary cap flexibility, and Drew Brees has one fewer suitor.

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14 Mar 2006, 12:14pm by Michael David Smith

Lions Sign Two Receivers, Jon Kitna

The Detroit Lions have given a pair of $2 million signing bonuses to receiver Corey Bradford and receiver/return specialist Eddie Drummond. I have two observations:

1. With these two signings, it's going to be tough for the Lions to find roster space for Santonio Holmes, whom we all know they're going to pick in the first round of this year's draft.

2. If the folks at the Detroit Free Press can't prevent every mug shot from looking hideous, why don't they just stop using mug shots?

UPDATE: The Lions have also added quarterback Jon Kitna.

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