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05 Mar 2006, 12:59pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Raiders Round Out Shell's Coaching Staff

Admittedly, I don't know anything about new offensive coordinator Tom Walsh, but is anybody else troubled by the fact that he's been running a bed and breakfast the last few years and has been out of football since 1999?

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05 Mar 2006, 12:13pm by Michael David Smith

Upshaw: We're in the Area

Sunday morning update: Gene Upshaw, the executive director of the NFL Players Association, told the Washington Post via e-mail early this morning that the parties had scheduled another meeting in New York and were "now in the area where we will get a deal. I think it may be there. It comes down to a few final points."

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03 Mar 2006, 05:13pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Why Vince Young Deserves an 'F'

We've all grown accustomed to the maniacal rantings from the Page 2 regulars, but Bomani Jones writes one of the most fascinating pieces for The Site in some time. Yeah, Vince Young may or may not be illiterate based on his Wonderlic performance, but maybe the real intelligence test question should be: Why did you hire some criminal lawyer to be your agent and your uncle/middle school teacher/coach to be your business manager when neither have any experience in dealing with the NFL? And part two of the question: Are you still hiring?

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03 Mar 2006, 02:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Eagles to Sign Pro Bowl Center First

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, LeCharles Bentley will be an Eagle come Monday. The story also reports that Philly will make a run for Steve Hutchinson, in an effort to shore up the offensive line. And good news for Lions fans: Jeff Garcia's name has been mentioned as a potential Donovan McNabb backup candidate. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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03 Mar 2006, 12:08pm by P. Ryan Wilson

What About Drew?

Does anybody other than A.J. Smith think that letting Drew Brees test free agency is a good idea? Well, other than Philip Rivers and the handful of teams that need a QB?

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03 Mar 2006, 09:03am by Michael David Smith

Why the NFL Said No to Brokeback Mountain

There's a scene in Brokeback Mountain that revolves around the characters watching football on television on Thanksgiving. The NFL refused to allow its footage to be used in the scene, so it's a CFL game on the family set. A producer of Brokeback Mountain has implied that the NFL wouldn't allow its footage to be used because the movie is about a gay relationship. The NFL says that had nothing to do with it. From Outsports:

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02 Mar 2006, 07:14pm by Michael David Smith

NFL Delays Free Agency 72 Hours

The Associated Press is reporting that the NFL has delayed free agency for 72 hours.

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02 Mar 2006, 06:36pm by Michael David Smith

Lawrence Phillips to Stand Trial

Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was ordered to stand trial on assault charges for allegedly driving a car into three teenagers who argued with him following a pickup football game. Tom Osborne thinks Phillips shouldn't be punished because everyone deserves a 102nd chance.

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02 Mar 2006, 04:44pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Upshaw, Not Tagliabue, in Charge

In the previous XP a lot of readers are of the opinion that Gene Upshaw has worked himself into a corner. Well guess what? Jason Whitlock disagrees with you! He thinks Upshaw has the upper hand, and specifically writes, "... Gene Upshaw is the most powerful man in sports. Which makes him the most powerful black man in America since David Palmer won the presidential popular vote ..." (By the way, how did things work out for President Palmer?)

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02 Mar 2006, 02:16pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Owners Vote to Break Off Talks with Players

Not good. (Although I still think this will get done, probably sometime around 11:59 PM tonight.)

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