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24 Sep 2004, 10:58am by Benjy Rose

My Cup Runneth Away

Nothing like an article about testicles to start your day. ESPN.com's David Fleming examines the phenomenon that is a cup-less NFL. Apparently, protecting your manhood goes a long way towards disproving it. Filled with phrases like "high-velocity impact to the groin," this article is good for at least a wince or two. Go Nads!

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24 Sep 2004, 08:37am by P. Ryan Wilson

Rice Deserved Better

As much as I detested Shannon Sharpe the player (primarily because he was so good), I really can't complain about Shannon Sharpe the television personality. In his weekly column, he argues a strong case for why Jerry Rice should have gotten at least one catch last week to extend his streak. He's also not yet sold on the Indianapolis Colts (because of their defense) or the Atlanta Falcons (because of their opponents) -- and despite my best efforts, I can't disagree with him on any accounts. Ugh!

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23 Sep 2004, 12:39pm by Aaron Schatz

The Ultimate Offensive Line

It is so rare to see this much written about the offensive line. It started out with the Jeff Reynolds picking his "ultimate offensive line," which is unfortunately an ESPN.com premium link, but now they've put up a separate story picking the top five offensive lines overall, and it is a free story. This kind of attention to the offensive line instead of skill players is refreshing. ESPN picks Green Bay as the league's best line, and once again Reynolds' "ultimate line" consists of:

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23 Sep 2004, 10:40am by Aaron Schatz

Bledsoe Refuses to Buckle to Critics

Why oh why do sportswriters ask such stupid, stupid questions? Apparently -- and this is a shock -- Drew Bledsoe refuses to say "yes" when Buffalo writers ask him if he should be replaced by Shane Matthews. First of all, I know Bledsoe has been bad, but Shane Matthews? And what do the writers expect him to say? "Yes, I have no idea why they are running me out there every week. I am truly pathetic." Asking questions with obvious answers is one of the things that makes fans lose respect for the local media, and one of the local media's worst habits.

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22 Sep 2004, 10:59am by P. Ryan Wilson

Can Roethlisberger Do the Job?

Some people gave the Steelers a legitimate chance of making the playoffs before Tommy Maddox was injured last week. Now their fate lies in the hands of rookie QB Ben Roethlisberger. The last rookie QB to start a game for the Steelers was Bubby Brister back in 1986 (ouch) replacing an injured Mark Malone (double ouch). The last rookie to start a playoff game in the NFL was Shaun King (he was 4-1 in the regular season) in 2000. Of course Roethlisberger doesn't have the same defense that King had, so who knows how successful he'll be.

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22 Sep 2004, 12:38am by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Week 2 Strategy Review

According to our friend William Krasker, Mike Shanahan made the right call by having Quentin Griffin run one last play. He also feels Mike Tice made a mistake by kicking a field goal on 4th-and-goal from the one-yard line, trailing 7-3 (I could not agree more). Those situations and more discussed in his lately weekly review of play calling strategy. By the way, William will be summarizing the best of his strategy commentaries every few weeks in a Football Outsiders guest column.

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21 Sep 2004, 02:06pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: Calling Dr. Watson

The latest from our man TMQ questions curious tactics and predicts the end of the Patriots' winning streak. Plus, cheerbabes!

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21 Sep 2004, 12:05pm by Al Bogdan

Peter King's Tuesday MMQB: Fox Revives Panthers

Well, they've made the title of this column even worse. I mean Monday Morning Quarterback: Tuesday Edition was bad, but Tuesday Monday Morning Quarterback seems worse. I'd go with MMQB 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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21 Sep 2004, 08:35am by P. Ryan Wilson

Which Do You Want - Accuracy or Wins?

OK, quiz time. Of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league, who would you say is the most inaccurate? If I hadn't already seen the article, I still would have guessed Donovan McNabb. But here's an interesting statistic: McNabb has completed 57.9 percent of his passes since 2000; last season Tom Brady had a completion percentage of 60.2 and Jake Delhomme came in at 59.2. So why is McNabb often characterized as being all over the place even though his numbers are very similar to two Super Bowl quarterbacks?

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20 Sep 2004, 09:51pm by Aaron Schatz

Top 10 Coaches of All Time

OK, this one is bound to start some arguments. It's ESPN Page 2's list of the top 10 greatest NFL coaches of all time. (Actually, it goes to eleven, which is one louder.) The top three are Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, and Don Shula, and the only current coaches on the list are there for past glories: Bill Parcells (10) and Joe Gibbs (5).

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