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18 Dec 2017, 03:36pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Week 15

Four AFC contenders lose players as the playoffs near. Fortunately, all should be back for the postseason -- though for one team, that probably depends on their teammates running the table without them.

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18 Dec 2017, 08:17am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Rams and Jaguars Have Turned the NFL Upside-Down

Featuring Nick Foles, the failed Aaron Rodgers hero quest, and a Cowboys-Raiders game that served as a microcosm for everything wrong with the NFL.

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17 Dec 2017, 09:05pm by Vincent Verhei

Richardson Announces He Will Sell Panthers

Friday, December 15: The Carolina Panthers announce they are launching an internal investigation into team owner Jerry Richardson amidst "allegations of workplace misconduct." (Click for more.)

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17 Dec 2017, 02:52pm by Vincent Verhei

Marvin Lewis Reportedly Leaving Bengals

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that after 15 seasons as head coach, Marvin Lewis will leave the Cincinnati Bengals after the season.

Lewis' contract, and those of all his assistants, expires at the end of the year.

"If a head-coaching job does not materialize," Schefter writes, "sources said Lewis would be interested in working in another team's front office or as a coaching adviser for a former Bengals assistant coach who has gone on to become a head coach, such as Mike Zimmer, whose Minnesota Vikings host the Bengals on Sunday."

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16 Dec 2017, 02:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Vince McMahon May Revive the XFL

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11 Dec 2017, 03:53pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Week 14

Carson Wentz is done for the year, as the Year of the Backup claims another starting quarterback.

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11 Dec 2017, 10:36am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Eagles Lose Wentz -- But Not Hope

Also: lots of jokes about Chuck Pagano in the snow and Steve Spaguolo, the bold tactical renegade of interim coaches.

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08 Dec 2017, 05:26pm by Scott Kacsmar

FiveThirtyEight: How Aggressive Is Your QB?

At FiveThirtyEight, Scott Kacsmar looks at which quarterbacks are the most conservative and aggressive this season as measured by how often they throw short of a successful play.

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07 Dec 2017, 11:48am by Aaron Schatz

Cleveland Fires Sashi Brown; Giving Up on Analytics? (UPDATE: Dorsey Hired)

The Browns this morning fired Sashi Brown. The scuttlebutt is that they will be getting rid of the entire analytics-based front office staff. It was obvious there was a long battle between head coach Hue Jackson and the front office, and Jackson has won. Owner Jimmy Haslam has committed to Jackson and said Jackson will be the head coach in 2018 even if the Browns finish 0-16. (Click to read more.)

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06 Dec 2017, 05:30pm by Vincent Verhei

Commissioner Goodell Signs Five-Year Extension

The 2017 NFL season has been most famous for political protests; on-again, off-again domestic violence suspensions; and most recently, exceedingly violent behavior and safety concerns. For all that chaos, however, the league is still clearly making boatloads of money, because today they extended commissioner Roger Goodell to a five-year contract worth up to $200 million. That's $40 million per year; for comparison's sake, the league's highest-paid player, Matthew Stafford, will average about $26 million per year over the course of his contract.

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