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17 Dec 2004

Dr. Z: Commissioner for a Day

The Doc is in fine form today, as he tells us what he'd do if he had Paul Tagliabue's job:

"I'd get rid of all artificial surfaces. I'd make sure all NFL sponsored products were made in the USA. For all the phony flag waving the league does, all the NFL-sponsored clothing I've come across is made in places like Honduras or the Philippines, none in the U.S. To paraphrase the slogan of the British firm of Marks & Spencer ("British Goods mean British Jobs"), American goods mean American jobs."

OK, I don't know if we really want Dr. Z's analysis of global trade, but it's this next part that will get Football Outsiders readers behind him:

"And then I'd completely re-do the way they compile the statistics and get them in a form that made sense." DVOA as an official NFL stat. That'll be the day.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 17 Dec 2004