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29 Sep 2004

Dr. Z's Power Rankings: Back in the Saddle

There are 100 power rankings out there on the Web (heck, I do one too) but Dr. Z's are usually good for information about how teams are playing and how coaches are thinking. The information contained within is a better reason to read than the rankings themselves, although they make more sense now that Dr. Z has gotten rid of his early season "can't rank anyone above a team that beat them" nonsense. I am curious about the Doc's belief that the Jacksonville defense will get tired as the season goes along from being on the field so much -- it makes logical sense, but I don't remember past teams built around defense getting tired later in the season. It's interesting that the last five New York Jet teams to start 2-0 missed the playoffs. And Dr. Z is actually predicting a Tampa upset of Denver. He's clearly off the Quentin Griffin bandwagon.

I'm still trying to figure out how the Dr. Z homage contest will be structured. I'm open to ideas.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 29 Sep 2004

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