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06 Oct 2004

Football Commentary: Week 4 Strategy Review

In this week's strategy analysis, our buddy William Krasker looks at the "surprise" onside kick by Tennessee, a play also discussed in Tuesday's TMQ. Other issues discussed: Was Jacksonville correct to go for broke with the 40-yard touchdown on 4th-and-1? (All plays look good if they work, but was it the right gamble?) What the heck was Kansas City doing with its timeouts in the first quarter Monday night? And, what I thought might have been the strangest, most pointless decision of the weekend: How wussy was it for San Francisco to punt from the St. Louis 30-yard line?

William will be doing a series of "Best of Football Commentary" guest columns for us every six weeks, and he'll not only be looking back at the most controversial plays of the last few weeks, he'll also be rethinking some of his original conclusions based on reader input. So if you disagree with William's model, or have a question for him, please make sure you participate in this discussion thread since it will help him shape those "Best of" columns.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 06 Oct 2004