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17 Nov 2004

Fraud Warning

Dr. Z's power rankings are especially fun this week. First, he channels Football Outsiders with comments that say Ray Lewis is overrated. He also gives props to Patriots defensive backs coach Eric Mangini, which is really channeling Football Outsiders because it reflects something I wrote that didn't even make it to the Internet. (The original version of the "Peyton Manning wins 2014 Super Bowl" bit from ESPN Page 2 Snap Judgment had a line about Brady winning his four Super Bowls under the coaching of "Bill Belichick and his hand-picked successor Eric Mangini," but it was edited out.)

Also of note this week is that we may have to start a Dr.Z-TMQ Steel Cage Match on the issue of blitzing. Dr. Z thinks that Seattle lost to St. Louis because they didn't blitz.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 17 Nov 2004