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03 Sep 2004

'Madden NFL' Called for Unnecessary Roughness

Apparently Madden 2005 fans are up in arms because of a glitch in the program that gives an unfair advantage to the offensive player. In fact, there's a petition going around demanding that a patch be released to fix the problem. Specifically, "If this (formation shift) is used several times before the ball is snapped, the entire defense will be exhausted, therefore hindering their ability to compete...A person can very easily do this to their opponent without their opponent even realizing that they are being 'glitched'...This glitch may have very well ruined this year's version of the game." In a related story, Butch Davis has just revealed that his offensive game plan against the Ravens in the season opener will involve a lot of pre-snap formation shifts.

Posted by: admin on 03 Sep 2004