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15 Nov 2004

MMQB: AFC's Best are Balanced

Peter King this week tells us that the best teams in the AFC are able to succeed because they have a balanced attack.

King's Goat of the Week shows why you can't tell everything from looking at a box score: "Detroit QB Joey Harrington. Son, you're too old, too far advanced in the game, to go 11 of 33 against the 21st-rated defense in football." His goats ought to be Kevin Jones, Cory Schlesinger, Stephen Alexander, and David Kircus. If Harrington's perfect passes hadn't been dropped all day, his numbers sure would look a lot better than that. Alexander and Kircus both had balls in their hands in the end zone. The Lions' offense was dreadful on Sunday, but it wasn't Harrington's fault.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 15 Nov 2004