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01 Nov 2004

MMQB: Here's to the Little Guy

Peter King, in his review of Week 8, has a tribute to the player at the bottom of the roster who helps his team to victory, focusing on Reno Mahe of the Eagles, Randall Gay of the Patriots, Mwelde Moore of the Vikings, and, being Peter King of course, Dave Roberts of the Red Sox. Who is not, in fact, a football player. Though you would have to think he would be a very good wideout. On a morning when there is much gnashing of teeth, saying that yesterday's loss proves that the Patriots are overrated, King also is an island of sanity, dropping the Patriots in his Fine Fifteen from second all the way down to... third. Behind the Steelers. Which is exactly what makes sense, and probably what our DVOA ratings will look like tomorrow.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 01 Nov 2004