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05 Oct 2004

Offensive Line Takes It Right at Ray Lewis

Well, apparently it's pretty easy to beat up on Ray Lewis. All you need is an all-world running back, an all-world offensive line, a quarterback that doesn't make mistakes, and the ability to keep the Ravens on the field for 40 minutes. It's hard to even fault the Baltimore defense in this game. They were on the field for 78 plays -- almost twice as many as their offense, and other than a flea-flicker in the first half, Boller and company looked pretty mediocre.

I think someone mentioned this in the week 4 thread, but it's worth repeating. Why are officials so bad? I have this theory that as the size of the rule book increases, so too do the number of missed calls. Maybe we should have only two or three rules to alleviate all the ambiguity. Ugh.

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 05 Oct 2004