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28 Oct 2004

One City, Two Titles

Yes, this is a football site, but since the home office is in beautiful downtown Framingham, Massachusetts (home of Lou Merloni!) I thought it was only appropriate that post 1918 be something related to last night's Red Sox victory. I thought this was hilarious for those who didn't notice: after the Red Sox won last night, relief pitcher Curt Leskanic did snow angels behind the pitcher's mound in tribute to the New England Patriots. I originally thought that Boston was the first city to have both Super Bowl and World Series champions since Pittsburgh in 1979, but after more thought I realized that's not the case: New York in 1986 (Giants and Mets) and, if you want to get expansive, the Bay Area in 1988-9 (49ers and A's -- the 49ers were the only NFL team in town at that point) also qualify.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 28 Oct 2004

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