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01 Oct 2004

Plummer Decides Not to Wear Tillman Decal

Pat Tillman was Jake Plummer's teammate at Arizona State and with the Cardinals, and Plummer wanted to honor Tillman by keeping the No. 40 decal on his helmet for the entire season, instead of taking it off after one game as the league mandated. But after being threatened with a $30,000 fine, Plummer has decided to take the sticker off his helmet. Here's my question: What does the league think it's accomplishing? What horrible precedent would be set by Plummer keeping the number on his helmet, or by Peyton Manning wearing black hightops in tribute to Johnny Unitas, or by Marshall Faulk switching his uniform to No. 34 to memorialize Walter Payton?

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 01 Oct 2004