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01 Nov 2004

Snap Judgment: Wake Up

This week's ESPN Page 2 Snap Judgment column, featuring the Football Outsiders quarterback ratings as well as commentary by yours truly and the usual ESPN.com gang. Topics addressed this week: Tom Brady's bad day, Daunte Culpepper's bad day, and Kurt Warner's bad day, which some people seem to think was a good day because his team won. Kurt, however, was awful. I hope I do a good enough job here of getting across the idea "don't jump to conclusions based on one game" which is one of our mantras. Thanks again to the FO gang for helping me with QB comments on games I didn't see. Benjy was clutch this week with Jags-Texans commentary. He knows more about this sport than he lets on as the site designer.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 01 Nov 2004