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10 Nov 2004

Surprised by Sorry State of League

I get so sick of stuff like this. Jeffri Chadiha lists his 10 biggest surprises of the season, and No. 3 is "the sorry state of the league." He writes, "Every time I peek at a schedule, I'm stunned at how many bad games are on tap for the coming week. Part of that has to do with parity -- it's impossible to know who's any good anymore except for a handful of teams."

Of course, Mr. Chadiha finds room in this "sorry" league for the "amazing" Ben Roethlisberger, the "compelling" Terrell Owens, "The San Diego Chargers sudden offensive explosion," and "The resurgence of New York RBs Curtis Martin and Tiki Barber." That doesn't sound very sorry to me.

Chadiha also writes, "I thought Marty Schottenheimer had been using Vince Lombardi's playbook for the last few years. Now he has one of the more dangerous offenses around as the second half begins." How are those two things mutually exclusive? Vince Lombardi's teams always had dangerous offenses. If you're going to give an example of a coach whose offenses were bad, you'd be wise to pick a coach other than Lombardi next time.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 10 Nov 2004