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20 Oct 2004

TMQ: Unpatriotic Comments

For a number of reasons -- fewer TMQ fans reading FO, people losing their desire to talk about TMQ, moving the discussion to Extra Points -- TMQ discussion has severely dropped off around here, but I have a feeling that's going to change with the subject that kicked off Gregg's column this week. Even I'm a little irked at his statement that he's sick of the Patriots, that they get all the lucky breaks, and that they've avoided injuries. The 2003-2004 Patriots get their share of lucky breaks, but no more than any other team (the 2001 Patriots were a different story). Injuries, I mean, huh? The 2003 Pats lost four different opening day starters by Week 5 and still won every game the rest of the way. They lost their top free agent signing in Week 1 and their Pro Bowl center right before the playoffs started. Rodney Harrison broke his arm during the Super Bowl. This year the Pats have gotten almost nothing from two of their top three receivers, Deion Branch and Troy Brown. They aren't the most injury-plagued team but they are not getting away light either. They succeed because they have talent from 1-53 on that roster.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 20 Oct 2004