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24 Aug 2004

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: NFC Preview

TMQ looks at the NFC today, explaining the whole point behind "Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons" and assuring Green Bay fans that the all-yellow Packers uniform pictured in a previous column was just a joke. I'm seriously gonna have to have a talk with Gregg about his obsession with running the football, though. I'm sorry, man, but passing wins ballgames. The problem is not too much passing in general but too much pass wackiness at the wrong times (like, say, going five wide on the goal line). Oh, and the Philly running game that Gregg frets about every single preseason was the #1 running game in DVOA last year. Stopping the run, not making the run, was Philly's problem.

Posted by: admin on 24 Aug 2004