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23 Sep 2004

The Ultimate Offensive Line

It is so rare to see this much written about the offensive line. It started out with the Jeff Reynolds picking his "ultimate offensive line," which is unfortunately an ESPN.com premium link, but now they've put up a separate story picking the top five offensive lines overall, and it is a free story. This kind of attention to the offensive line instead of skill players is refreshing. ESPN picks Green Bay as the league's best line, and once again Reynolds' "ultimate line" consists of:

LT -- Jonathan Ogden, BAL
LG -- Alan Faneca, PIT
C -- Kevin Mawae, NYJ
RG -- Will Shields, KC
RT -- Orlando Pace, STL

Yes, Pace is a left tackle. Reynolds notes that offensive line coaches around the league told him that the second-best left tackle would be the best right tackle. Feel free to debate the best offensive line and linemen all weekend. I'll be back Sunday.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 23 Sep 2004

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