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31 Jan 2005

Every Super Bowl QB Ranked 1-80

Yowza, it's Football Outsiders day at ESPN Page 2. First, check out this ranking of 80 different Super Bowl quarterbacks based on a complicated statistical formula that takes into account passing, rushing, era, opposing defense, and even clutch second half performance. It all comes out with three Joe Montana games in the top ten and a somewhat surprising number one.

And where QB rankings be, ESPN Snap Judgment must not be far behind. This week my compatriots and I have a Super Bowl preview, Snap Judgment-style. What's the best strategy for Donovan McNabb to beat the Patriots, and what would a Super Bowl loss mean to his legacy? Plus, I show up in the "audibles" for the second time, and attempt to set an ESPN record for references to the Natick Mall in one season.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 31 Jan 2005