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31 Aug 2005

FO Fantasy Chat at AuctionPlayers.com

Here's the archive of the fantasy football chat I did last night for the website auctionplayers.com. Questions in here about Daunte Culpepper, Matt Hasselbeck, Tiki Barber, LaMont Jordan, and how to deal with our projections when everyone else in your league is using a more standard cheat sheet. Plus, Trent Green's low projection explained.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 31 Aug 2005

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by RowdyRoddyPiper (not verified) :: Wed, 08/31/2005 - 1:23pm

Great chat, sorry to have missed it. I don't think the one guy was being a weisenheimer and intentionally misspelling Hasselbeck...hey at least the graphic design people didn't change it to David Hasselhof.

I actually just waded through a giant flame ridden series of posts on footballguys.com regarding Tiki/Brandon (sounds like a 90210 plotline) spawned by Tiki's comments on PTI. About the only lucid point made there is what qualifies as "Goal line carries" vis a vis Coughlin. I understand that Jacobs is 7'4" 395# and runs a 3.8 40, but when you put him in you tend to signal what you're going to do.

The Gints didn't really impose their will in power situations (23rd in power success) last year. I have a feeling this is more of an O-Line issue than an issue with the back. And when your O-Line isn't really getting it done in power situations, maybe the solution isn't to change your back, it's to upgrade your O-Line. Anyone know where Kareem McKenzie is playing this year? Maybe he'll bring some of the Jets success in power situations with him.

It would be interesting to see if the Giant's struggles in power situations are heavily skewed by Coughlin stubbornly insisting upon using Dayne in power situations. I know most of that nonsense stopped by october. I guess I'm going to have to go through Ron Dayne's play by play gamelogs (heaven help me) to figure this out.

by JasonK (not verified) :: Wed, 08/31/2005 - 2:31pm

McKenzie is playing at RT for the Giants.

I think they have reason to be expect improvement in their power-run blocking this year, especially over the right side. Besides McKensie, Chris Snee is back at RG and has looked really good in the pre-season. He started as a rookie last year, and missed time at the end of the season with a glandular infection. Last year's RT, David Diehl, has moved to LG (he was very good as a guard his rookie year, but not a particularly effective tackle) and can pull.