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18 Nov 2005

Gary Glitter in Trouble Again

You might not know the name Gary Glitter, but you know his music. His song "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" is played at just about every football game. (It's the one where everyone yells "Hey!") Glitter was convicted in Britain in 1999 of possessing child pornography, and he's now wanted for questioning in Vietnam in connection with allegations about a 15-year-old girl. He was previously banned from Cambodia for undisclosed reasons.

Hat tip: Data Janitor.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 18 Nov 2005

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by B (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 5:29pm

Well, he can always hang out with Roman Polanski. I bet they would have a lot to talk about.

by UK-Phil (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 5:31pm

I've spent many a year trying to impress on my American hosts, whilst I've been over for games, just how un-NFL that tune is without any whiff of comprehension on their part.
I would imagine that if he was a well know US celeb then the tune would have been pulled without ceremony but as he is a little more parochial it seems to have escaped unnoticed.
Gary Glitter was fun, if a little odd in the 70's, but now he's just a sad old perv and surely NFL teams can come up with something a bit more imaginative for their TD celebration songs. It certainly makes me cringe whenever I hear it at Foxboro.

by Brian (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 5:41pm

Thank goodness all the members of Queen were fine, upright young men.

by Vince (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 5:46pm

Also, Guns 'n' Roses and Ozzy Osbourne. Fine gentlemen, all.

by Trogdor (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 6:20pm

I think we should ban all Gary Glitter songs, including Rock&Roll pt.2, and all his other hits that he may one day write. His music should immediately be replaced with something morally upright, like R. Kelly's.

by UK-Phil (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 6:34pm

I don't have a problem with the tune at all, it's quite catchy!
It's just really old and surely someone somewhere has come up with something a bit more original and engaging in the last 30 odd years.
My main point is that I'm really surprised that the NFL and ABC, CBS etc haven't cottoned onto the fact that they heavily feature a signature tune from a crusty bequiffed old paedo and 'encouraged' the teams to perhaps select a more PC alternative, knowing how people in the US get so worked up about this kind of thing.

by Jim A (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 6:39pm

Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks recently put out a request on his blog for suggestions for a replacement for that song (linked). Easier said than done, but lots of good suggestions in the resulting (long) comment thread.

by MCS (not verified) :: Fri, 11/18/2005 - 6:58pm

The Packers use "Bang on My Drums" as their TD celebration song.

It is a local blue-collar favorite that used to be (maybe still is) aired sometime between 5-6am every Friday on the Apple.

by Gaius (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 2:10am

Must turn on the sound when we watch NFL TV or we miss out on all the cultural fuzz. Should I do so? Appreciation moreso? How does glam-rock polysexuality [conventionally speaking] tie in with football machismo? Nuts. I quit school after only a couple of degrees. Think a PhD in cultural studies would be an excuse to turn the mute off?

by Jerry F. (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 2:30am

Why would Cuban need a substitute for that song? What kind of necessary role does it play?
For my money, which is highly coveted, that's the worst sports song there is. I'd be happy to see a little moral outrage if it meant the removal of that damn song. The only thing more annoying is that stupid bass riff at Packers games.

by Gaius (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 2:44am

Dear UK-Phil: Now that you mention it, when I was in London cluns, those who had the most fun during that tune were folks intent on acting as if they were pouf wankers to the ultimate degree.

I have the sound off when I watch at home, but at other blokes' palaces they don't, and I hear numerous incongruities.

For instance: When I was in graduate school in New York, I'd chat with Hannah Arendt, then I'd stop off at CBGB's some bitch would spit down my throat so I'd trow a tequila in her face to return the flirt, turn around and launch into a discussion with Joey Ramone.

I'm glad to have heard the Ramones anthems in support of sniffing glue and pinheadedness punched in during NFL kickoffs.

Reminds me of Hannah.

There's a Joey Ramone Place in NYC. Much as I've looked about, there's no Hannah Arendt Way around the New School.

What I'm griping about is that there's no Lawrence Taylor Tower slated for downtown.

by Gaius (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 3:08am

Funny thing about football and music. I lived about five blocks fro Jim Brown when I was in high school. That meant I listenended to the Cleveland Orchestra.

Later on, there was the Cleveland -- CBGB NYC punk connect.

You think that's dreck?

Well now connect.

It's the sound.

Not the lyrics...
that counts.

I could email Aron about the connection defined by absurd minds by way of Mobius Band to NFL Grandstand, but that would'nt work.

Why do notorioous homos express the essence of NFL hetero machismo?

by B (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 1:05pm

Gaius: I think you are confusing pedophilia with homosexuality.

by Melish (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 1:50pm

B makes a good point. But other than that your posts are fully realized works of artistic genius. Like Jumanji.

by princeton73 (not verified) :: Sat, 11/19/2005 - 8:39pm

Funny thing about football and music. I lived about five blocks fro Jim Brown when I was in high school. That meant I listenended to the Cleveland Orchestra.

well, I lived ONE block from Jim Brown and I happen to know that he listened to Ray Charles exclusively

(however, since I'm as blind as Ray Charles, I didn't know it was Jim Brown)

by MC razón (not verified) :: Sun, 11/20/2005 - 12:39am

Banning his song would accomplish absolutely nothing.
It takes a huge and dangerous leap in logic to think that playing a song promotes every aspect of the composers life.
When TNT plays Days of Thunder twenty times in one week it doesn't promote scientology.

Besides, the Starbucks "Hank" commercial was a work of pure genius and I don't think that promoted the NAMBLA agenda too heavily.

by kleph (not verified) :: Mon, 11/21/2005 - 1:05am

well, my vote for a replacement is the stone roses "i am the resurrection" and i am completely serious.

except for huston texan games where the velvet underground's "black angel death song" will be played exclusively.

by meh (not verified) :: Mon, 11/21/2005 - 11:34pm

Erm, you folks DO know that GG gets royalties from that song?
The NFL is paying for Gary's Asian Adventures.

by Suzanne (not verified) :: Wed, 12/14/2005 - 7:36pm

RE: Comment 16 posted by:: MC razón — 11/19/2005 @ 10:39 pm ...

WRONG! Banning the song would stop payment of royalties to Gary Glitter as performer AND one of the publishers of the song. So to echo comment 18: GLITTER RECEIVES $$$$ EVERY TIME THAT SONG IS PLAYED. This is why most UK shops stopped selling his crappy records in 1999, after the child pornography conviction. Stop playing the song. Stop financing his defense attorneys. And if he is executed by firing squad [I am hoping it takes place on cable TV, myownself!], his estate will continue to earn royalties.