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16 Sep 2005

Jay Gruden Arrested for DUI

Jay Gruden, a Bucs assistant coach, Arena League head coach, former Arena League player, and brother of Jon Gruden, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Jon Gruden supposedly never has time for anything but football throughout the season. I guess his brother has time for getting wasted and risking the lives of everyone on the road. It'll be interesting to see whether Jon lets his brother participate in this weekend's game, since he benched kick returner Torrie Cox for his DUI this week.

It's been a bad week for substance-using Bucs; rookie fullback Rick Razzano has been suspended for violating the league's steroid policy.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 16 Sep 2005

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by Russell (not verified) :: Fri, 09/16/2005 - 5:36pm

And let us not forget that Cox's DUI arrest was his second in nine months. Yay Torrie!

On a serious note, I do think it's important to remember that until a conviction, this is still just an allegation. I'm all for throwing the book at everyone who's guilty, but accused and convicted are two entirely different things. Just ask Leonard Little. Or Jon Gruden, who beat a DUI charge when he was the Raiders coach.

by BillT (not verified) :: Fri, 09/16/2005 - 8:08pm

In other AFL news the Lions signed Remy Hamilton. I wish NFL teams would look at Arena kickers more often. Hopefully Remy will do well and stick around somewhere.

by marc (not verified) :: Sat, 09/17/2005 - 6:25am

"On a serious note, I do think it’s important to remember that until a conviction, this is still just an allegation."

A sports fan understanding and advocating due process? This has to be a first.

by Melish (not verified) :: Sat, 09/17/2005 - 1:43pm

Why do so many parents like to name all their kids with J names? This happens more often with J than with any other letter.

by Rob (not verified) :: Sun, 09/18/2005 - 7:25pm

I think Jon will be very easy on his brother, especially since he knows what it is like to drink and drive. Jon Gruden got a DUI as head coach with Raiders. I guess getting wasted and then driving runs in the family. During Jon Gruden's run with the Raiders, I think he got a DUI after beating the Chargers like 7-6. I'm a Raiders fan, so I remember. Those Gruden brothers must know how to party.

by Russell (not verified) :: Mon, 09/19/2005 - 1:16pm

Just to set the record straight on Jon Gruden's DUI, he was charged, but later pleaded no contest to a lesser charge and received probation.

As an update to the Jay Gruden story, when Jon walked into the media room for his postgame press conference after the Buffalo game, he was atypically dressed in a suit. A reporter from the Bucs magazine Pewter Report asked "what, do you have a court date?" ... maybe a dig, maybe just a really, really poor choice of words, but the magazine fired the guy within hours. Gruden responded "I've got some thick skin, but that's a low blow."

by josh (not verified) :: Mon, 09/19/2005 - 1:38pm

My work environment is pretty casual so whenever anybody shows up wearing a suit and tie they are inevitably asked if A) they have a job interview or B) they have a court date. Since most don't actively attempt to get themselves fired, I'd guess the reporter was making a joke about the sudden change in Jon's attire.

by MDS (not verified) :: Mon, 09/19/2005 - 2:02pm

Wait a minute, a guy got fired for asking Jon Gruden if he has a court date? That's absurd. Do you have any more info on this, Russ? Seems awfully unfair.

by Joey (not verified) :: Mon, 09/19/2005 - 2:44pm

Please tell me that magazine isn't really called the "Pewter Report." Sounds like something that would talk about Christmas ornaments and knick-knacks your grandma would just love.