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09 Feb 2005

Is Lawyer Milloy Foolish and Greedy?

Peter King sure thinks so. King says Milloy has made about $2.5 million more in Buffalo the last two years than he would have made if he had stayed with the Patriots, and that money isn't worth nearly what being a champion is worth. I have two observations:

1. It sure is easy for Peter King to tell Lawyer Milloy that $2.5 million shouldn't be important to him. How many times has Peter King turned down $2.5 million?

2. King begins his column by calling Milloy a fool. Then he accuses Milloy of "mocking" his old teammates. But the only quotes King provides feature Milloy praising his teammates and saying they're worth more money than they're getting. How is that mocking them?

For those who continue to the second page, King says he thinks Warren Moon's CFL numbers should be considered in whether he gets into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's a shame that King, a Hall of Fame voter, doesn't know that the bylaws state that only football in the United States is considered. So the voters could have considered Steve Young's tenure with the L.A. Express, but they're not supposed to consider Moon's tenure with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 09 Feb 2005