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12 Aug 2005

Lewis Finds Motivation in Disrespect

Two weeks into training camp and we have our first reference to being disrespected. And it's not even from Rodney Harrison. Ray Lewis feels compelled to inform us that he's still the most dominant player in the game, despite the fact that teammate Ed Reed was the NFL defensive player of the year in 2004. So depending on how far the Ravens go this year, we'll have to listen to no more than 22 weeks of this stuff. Sweet.

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 12 Aug 2005

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by sippican (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 10:47am

I kid you not-
Yesterday, my wife was confused about the personnel on the Raiders and the Ravens. She asked me: "Which team has the malcontents, and which has the murderer and the coke dealer again?

by TMK (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 11:06am


I hope you told her the Panthers.

by Anna Kournikova (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 11:23am

I completely know what Ray is talking about. I, as well, have never gotten my just deserved amount of respect.

by Erasmus (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 11:33am

Tell him if he wants more respect to not get pushed around as much as this year. Last season it seemed more teams ran right at him then ever before. And for the good part-they succeeded

by Israel (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 11:47am

Sippican's wife (post #1) can wait a year or three until Al Davis hires Ray Lewis.

by princeton73 (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 12:41pm

if you actually read the article, it's fairly benign (read: boring)

nowhere does he claim to be "still the most dominant player in the game"

a bit of web journalistic license in the lead-in

by RyanW (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 1:08pm


Here are the last two sentences from the article:

"My thing about camp is to come in and be who I am, which is the most dominant player in the game," Lewis says. "That's who I am, and that's what I'm here for."

by random (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 1:39pm

RE 6:
Are you disrespecting ryan wilson?

by Pittsburgh Phil (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 2:53pm

I also like the CBS Sporstline story where Ray-Ray said, "You know what I expect from myself this year? MVP of the league. Not defensive MVP. MVP of the league. If I don't come away with MVP of the league it's highway robbery."

Yep, if he doesn't win league MVP this year, it's highway robbery. Nevermind that no games have been played yet, heck, the Ravens haven't even played any exhibition games yet. Don't rob Ray-Ray of his MVP, people.

by Jake (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 4:09pm

Harrison has actually already broken it out. I don't have a link but he was on local media yesterday and was saying things like "Some people doubt us and thats fine." He just has to ease into the full on 'disrespect' quotes.

by MDS (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 4:19pm

Hey princeton73, I don't know what "web journalistic license" means, but the next time you accuse someone of it, you might want to read the article first.

by Stevis (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 4:40pm

Jake, it's only the preseason. You can't expect Harrison to be in full disrespect card mode yet. First he has to play a series or two of disrespect, then a quarter, then in September he'll be ready with the full game's worth of disrespect.

by Starshatterer (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 4:47pm

So, who's a candidate for MDP (Most Disrespected Player) in 2005, besides Harrison and Lewis?

by B (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 4:49pm

How about TO? Not only do the Eagles refuse to give him a raise, Reid told him to shut up in practice. Imagine, the horror.

by glr (not verified) :: Fri, 08/12/2005 - 5:45pm

"the same people who said I couldn't win a Super Bowl with our offense"

Wow. I didn't realize Ray Lewis won the Super Bowl that year. I thought it was the Baltimore Ravens.

by O.J. (not verified) :: Sat, 08/13/2005 - 3:43pm

Don't put Rodney Harrison in the same sentence as Ray Lewis. Rodney wouldn't know a Glock from a chicken bone.