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27 Jan 2005

The Manning Index

Is Peyton a choker because he can't win the big game? Doug Drinen (of Pro-Football-Reference.com, and this week writing some football-related content at Sabernomics ) doesn't think so and he's got the model to support it. I'll leave the stats to him, but here's the bottom line: the Colts' postseason record in the Manning era is exactly what one would expect. And just to stoke the flames in the Manning vs. Brady debate, here's how Drinen ended his post:

"I hate to admit it, but the deification of Tom Brady is getting tougher and tougher to argue with. This metric overvalues him just a tad by giving him credit for the 2001 victory at Pittsburgh (Bledsoe was probably more responsible for that win), but still. The probability of going 8-for-8 in the specific collection of postseason games Brady has played in is .004."

Commence deification. By the way, the direct link did not work, so just go to the page and scroll down.

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 27 Jan 2005

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