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07 Mar 2005

MMQB: Cowboy Up

Here are Peter King's thoughts on free agency so far. He's very big on the moves made by the Cowboys, although for someone who just wrote a column about Drew Bledsoe being over the hill, he sure does engage in a lot of Bledsoe hyperbole. ("The last time he played for Parcells he was the kind of bombs-away, productive player who put up enough numbers to merit a trip to Honolulu." Peter, that was nine years ago.) I can't argue with him about the other Dallas moves though. I also agree with him that Derrick Blaylock is a good addition to the Jets, that Washington still seems to change strategies roughly every three days, that Oakland needs defense, and that Trent Dilfer to Cleveland seems a little odd. I'll disagree with him that Nick Saban has been smart to sit out free agency in Miami. The Dolphins started the offseason as a team that needed an entire offensive line and a running back and still are a team that needs an entire offensive line and a running back.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 07 Mar 2005