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16 May 2005

MMQB: Jerry Rice Wants a Job

Peter King reports this week that Jerry Rice's agent has faxed all 32 teams to inform them that he'd like to play again this year. So far he's found two teams with interest. My own opinion is that Rice would be a valuable fourth receiver for a few teams, although one thing probably holding him back is that most teams like to use their fourth receiver on special teams, which isn't going to happen with Rice.

King also takes the moral high ground by refusing to describe the whizzinator, and he informs us that his information about Tom Brady's contract last week was wrong, and he only knows it was wrong because ESPN's Len Pasquarelli e-mailed him about it. So, basically, remember how last week King gushed about how Brady took such a team-friendly deal? Well, scrap that, because it turns out that Brady's deal will cost the Patriots $13.5 million more against the cap over the first five years than King said it would.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 16 May 2005