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24 Jan 2005

MMQB: Turning Points

In today's MMQB, Peter King revisits the game between the Eagles and Patriots in 2003 and looks forward to the Super Bowl. Not too much new there, but that's nothing against King. With no surprise team, there's not much to talk about this year, and we've got two weeks to talk about not much. Two weeks of "Are the Patriots a Dynasty?" and "Will T.O. Play?" and its little cousin, "Will Seymour Play?"

So the best stuff here has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. A little more info on the 49ers front office situation, King's odds on Randy Moss getting traded (I wish I had added that to the free agent/trade contest), and a fun little hypothetical about what would have happened if Doug Brien had not missed those field goals in Pittsburgh last week. Seriously, there is so much snow here. Having the game here last night would have been insanity. Deliciously fun insanity, but insanity.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 24 Jan 2005