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03 Jun 2005

NFL's All Shark-Jumping Team

My idea of balance: a fun SI.com article to go with the silly one linked below. Andrew Perloff lists his team of veterans who finished their careers as subpar players with different teams than the ones that made them famous. Not just Rice, but Namath, Emmitt, Jackie Smith, Forest Gregg, etc. I forgot about Mike Webster in Kansas City. Perloff also reaches a little when he gets to defense and special teams: he doesn't pick a kicker and he picks Todd Sauerbrun as the punter (he'll be great in Denver if everyone just ignores him). Bruce Smith was good in Washington and Bill Romanowski was good in Oakland.

The other problem is that he picks one player per position, rather than an entire team. So I open the floor to nominations for the All Shark-Jumping Team, including a proper K and P, a second OT, OG, DT, CB, and S, and two more linebackers. (Perloff mentions good choices for second RB, WR, and DE: Franco Harris in SEA, Cris Carter in MIA, and Bubba Smith in HOU.)

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 03 Jun 2005