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06 Nov 2005

Panthers Cheerleaders Arrested after Sex at Bar

Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested early Sunday morning at a Tampa nightclub after an incident that reportedly began with the two of them having sex with each other. Kristen Owen, 22 and Angela Keathley, 26, were arrested after an incident at Banana Joe's in the city's Channelside district. However, according to a report by Charlotte's WCNC-TV, police have since questioned the identity of one of the cheerleaders, saying another woman may have tried to dupe them by using Owen's drivers license. Police said they have opened an investigation into the identity issue, and a Tampa TV report indicated that police now think that the woman who identified herself as Owen is in fact another Panthers cheerleader, Renee Thomas. One cheerleader was charged with battery, the other with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The two cheerleaders were having sex with each other in a stall at the bar when other patrons got angry they were taking so long in the bathroom. Then one of the cheerleaders and another person started arguing and the cheerleader hit that person in the face.

Posted by: Michael David Smith on 06 Nov 2005

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by Mithrophon (not verified) :: Sun, 11/06/2005 - 11:24pm

I'm hereby volunteering to provide free legal counsel to these two poor girls. All I'll need them to do for me is to reenact the incident a few dozen times until I've filmed it from enough angles to effectively plot our defense.

by Adam (not verified) :: Sun, 11/06/2005 - 11:25pm

Best. Story. Ever.

If I were in line behind them i'd encourage them to continue. Of course......if I were in a womens bathroom at all i'd have other problems..........but. You know.

by Ruben (not verified) :: Sun, 11/06/2005 - 11:32pm

Wow...I guess life really can resemble art...

by Devin McCullen (not verified) :: Sun, 11/06/2005 - 11:59pm

Just in case anyone's curious, the cheerleaders' roster is linked below. They don't seem to have taken anything down yet.

by fyo (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:03am

Wow. That's just... I mean, why oh why would anyone want to interrupt something like that?

by Derek (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:12am

There are times when there is literally nothing you can add to make a news item better.

I would submit that this is one of those times.

The fact that one cheerleader was allegedly impersonating another one is the icing on the cake.

by Sergio (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:25am

Oh well...

My Dolphins lost, but this just put a smile back in my face...

Ok... bad to moping...

by Sergio (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:26am

Ahem... that's *back* to moping...

by Mithrophon (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:30am

Renee's future goal is to get a doctorate in oral surgery.

Her quote:"Live every moment to the fullest and love like you'll never be hurt."

You just can't make this stuff up.

by Sergio (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:30am

BTW, Ms. Angela Keathley is a registered nurse; her favorite quote is: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."

Well, Angela, this is one of them...

by LnGrrrR (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:30am

No link for the calendar? :)

by Sergio (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:32am


Beat me to the punch there :)

by Bittleman (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:52am

I've never read a story as good as this one before.

by OMO (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:54am

Mith...my pancreas hurts from laughing...or is that my spleen.

Comedy Gold.

by DD (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:23am

Damn...I went to the same college as all 3 of the girls mentioned in the story.....

I wonder if I crossed paths with any of them.

by BlueStarDude (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:54am

Renee's Favorite Music? "Country and hip-hop"

Is this not as odd as I think it is? Maybe I'm just getting old.

by Vikings Fan (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:03am

Well, if those gals get fired, I know other team that would love their services.

by Melish (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:33am

Having been to the website, I'm just going to volunteer that this story would have been a bit better if Kristin were actually the one involved, instead of Renee. Just putting that out there.

by DD (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 4:00am


The country and hip-hop combo isn't really that strange in the south. There are plenty of dance clubs that play both kinds of music around here.

by peachy (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 5:40am

I love that people were upset because "they were taking too long." Lesbian sex in the stalls? No prob - but let's keep the line moving, people...

Ah, the NFL - it's fannntastic! (And yes, I know that's the NBA, but after this basketball has to earn that title back.)

by Patrick Bateman (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:17am

Now there's the seeds of a truly marvelous halftime show folks...Janet Jackson move over!

by MikeT (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 10:05am

I have found Swagger Central!

by Yuri (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:29pm

You guys are missing the funniest point of the story.

"We are trying to get the fingerprints of all the cheerleaders from the NFL so we can get this right," said Lt. John Newman. "The girls really look alike, so the last thing I want to do is base this on a photo."

It does not really need picking apart, but consider this: the quote sounds like the police will get ALL NFL cheerleaders fingerprinted. I think someone else among the country's finest had the same idea as Mithrophon in #1, and expanded on it: bring 'em ALL in for questioning and identification. They all have somthing to hide.

Not to mention "they all look alike" quote...

by Yuri (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:37pm

Video from the local TV station--click on name. It does show that the blondes are in fact alike. Some quotes from fellow churchgoers too...

by dryheat (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:46pm

News article with photos linked for those who didn't get to the Panthers site before lockdown mode hit. Great advertisment for makeup. Glen Campbell and Nick Nolte didn't look this bad.

by DMP (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:48pm

"The two cheerleaders were having sex with each other in a stall at the bar when other patrons got angry they were taking so long in the bathroom."

That would be the other women were angry, and the men pretended to be angry because their wives/girlfriends were there.

by EJP (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:52pm

O.K. Just watched the video referenced in #24. Did I hear right? Did they say that the one guy interviewed was named James Mexico?

Maybe that was wishful hearing, but that would be too perfect. Perhaps they could interview his brother, Ron Mexico, for a follow up.

by EJP (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 12:57pm

And another thing. If they were in a stall, how can anyone know they were engaged in sexual activity? I demand photographic proof of some kind.

Anymore, it's fairly chic for two girls to get drunk and make out in public. I see it at local bars from time to time. I don't consider that to be sexual activity. Fortunately, my imagination has allowed me to recreate the entire scene of two Panthers cheerleaders, and yes, they were definitely having sex . . .

by Yuri (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:03pm

I realized that in #23 I am quoting a local news story, not the FOX one (always a better source to go local!). Click on the name for detailed article.

by Malene, cph, dk (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:10pm

I know it's too much to ask, but imagine if this had happened when the XFL existed... you think Ol'Vince could have found the gals a new job in his league...?

by dryheat (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:15pm

I'm actually looking forward to Easterbrook's column tomorrow.

by AtlantaPanther (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:25pm

Dear Penthouse Forum:

I never believed the stories in your magazine were true, but there I was, in a nightclub in Tampa...

by DD (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:51pm

James Mexico said "I just can't picture her doing what she was accused of"

Dude, you should be in MY head. Its easy to picture if you try.

by seven year lion (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:56pm

I'm not sure if anyone else clicked on the story linked in 24, but in it the news interviews someone claiming to be named "James Mexico". He doesn't look too much like our friend Ron, so it must be his cousin. If there's one thing the Mexico clan knows it's court dates resulting from sex.

by WeaponX (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 1:57pm

This is so much better than the scandals of seasons past, Go Cats!!

by James Mexico (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:02pm

Exactly why was I interviewed for this story? Simple. Last name's Mexico. That and my sweet, sweet, white trash facial hair.

by the K (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:08pm

Rawr! Here kitty kitty!

I can't get to the Panthers website at all. Did they take it down to, um, revamp it, or is it just bombed with traffic of guys trying to get glimpses of these two?

I mean, this deplorable behavior sickens me. Thus it is very important for me to see the two criminals in question and get a very close look.

by Alan P (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:12pm

Will TMQ consider this behavior extremely professional, and thus give the Panthers the "heads up" on the road to the SB, or will this behavior be considered unprofessional, and thus cause the football gods to "look down" on the Panthers.

by Jerry F. (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:18pm

My guess is TMQ doens't even mention it. I doubt he would on any of the sites he's been a part of, but especially not on NFL.com

by the K (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:23pm

Heh. I just saw the squad is called the "Top Cats." Which of course, begs the question, which one of the two was the Bottom Cat?

OK, I promise I'm done with this story now. Except for still needing to see their pictures, which I still can't do, still no luck on the Carolina Panthers website.

by Chris (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:26pm

I think this immediately vaults the Panthers to the top of the football gods "must reward" list. In addition to behaviour above and beyond the call of regular scantily clad cheerkittens, they also displayed the kind of fighting spirit that you hope to see in your defense. The best part is that they traveled on their own dime to Tampa. Now THAT'S professionalism!!

by dryheat (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 2:30pm

#40. check #25

by SJM (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 3:00pm

"Keathley, whose identity has not been disputed, was escorted out of the bar, and the police report said she was so drunk she could barely stand. Police also described her as rude and belligerent toward them."

Does anyone else find this totally unsurprising, yet hilarious?

Also, I love how the picture accompanying the story on Fox Sports is a link to the NFL cheerleaders photo gallery. First hiring the Outsiders, now this. I'm really coming around on Fox. (Oh God, no pun intended.)

by ron jeremy (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 3:13pm

Any idea if MDS will break this all down in Every Play Counts?

by DMP (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 3:35pm


by lagfish (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 3:46pm

"Banana Joe's" nightclub, this just gets bettter and better.

by Mshray (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 3:46pm

Just doing my part as a concerned citizen, so if you can't get through, a picture of Kristen can be found by clicking my name.

by Theo (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 5:11pm

In Haiku:

Cheerleaders, Bar, Sex:
Male fantasy overload.
Wont come much better.

by johonny (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:31pm

You know I don't like touching the door knobs in public restrooms let alone engaging in sexual acts.

by JD (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:32pm

who is the idiot cop who arrested these girls?

by Ted (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 8:26pm

Hopefully Steve Smith can work this into his next touchdown celebration.

by Joon (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 10:35pm

looks like keathley and thomas have been kicked off the cheerleading team.

by Bassett (not verified) :: Mon, 11/07/2005 - 11:12pm

Two things:

1) I was on business in Tampa last year and our company had an outing to that Channelside area... I didn't see anything like that, but maybe next time...

2) If you watch that video again, check out the girl getting in the car's butt with the white pants... it's all dirty... either she had quite a blowout, or through our sophisticated analysis we know who was sitting on the bathroom floor.

by Nathan (not verified) :: Tue, 11/08/2005 - 1:25am

RE: 2

No other comment is required.

Best. Story. Ever.

by King Kaufman (not verified) :: Tue, 11/08/2005 - 3:09am

You know I don’t like touching the door knobs in public restrooms let alone engaging in sexual acts.

Johonny, it's because of people like you that doorknobs are typically among the cleanest parts of any public restroom. They're pretty clean because nobody touches them. I just read that somewhere. Forget where. Apparently the toilets are cleaner than you think too, though I won't be taking anyone's word on that. What you really want to avoid, though, is the floor.

by dryheat (not verified) :: Tue, 11/08/2005 - 11:12am

And from the "What took them so long?" file, Penthouse has made an offer for their account, and I can only presume, pictures. (attached...no, not pictures)

by Cracker (not verified) :: Tue, 11/08/2005 - 1:53pm

Here is the link to their photos from the Panthers and mug shots!


(scroll down on this page)

by Andy L. (not verified) :: Tue, 11/08/2005 - 3:12pm

Of course the Smoking Gun weighs in with the police report...

by Clyde Outlaw (not verified) :: Wed, 11/09/2005 - 2:44am

I'd like to have a three-some with the two cheerleaders. I hope they are basically straight who happened to fool around just for kicks.