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19 Apr 2005

Redskins May Trade Pick

For a team that only has five picks in the draft and a lot of needs, trading away their first rounder for the rights to CB Phillip Buchanon and Oakland's 2nd round selection seems kind of silly. Apparently, Washington's worried that three of the top CBs (Adams, Rolle and Rogers) might be gone by the time the 9th pick rolls around; there's also some concern that a rookie would be slow to pick up the complex defensive schemes the Redskins run, and that might hamper his ability to contribute next season.

First, if three CBs are off the board by the ninth pick then the good news is that Washington doesn't have the worst front office in the league. Second, Sean Taylor was a rookie last season and he seemed to adapt pretty well to the NFL despite all his ancillary off-field activities. Other than that, this deal makes perfect sense. (bugmenot/free registration required)

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 19 Apr 2005