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25 Feb 2005

Severe Cuts: Law, Muhammad (Update: Muhammad to Chicago. Really.)

I'm determined not to toss every player cut or trade rumor into Extra Points, but I think that these two are big enough to get a separate thread. The Patriots cut Ty Law today, possibly the league's best cornerback prior to this season's foot injury. The Panthers cut Muhsin Muhammad, who of course had just an insanely good year in 2004 but was owed a bonus consisting of $10 million plus John Fox's first-born grandchild and his own Carribean island. Oh, salary cap, is no one spared your merciless wrath?

Also whacked today: Jerry Rice. Dude, it is OVER. Please, for the love of Pete, retire with some dignity.

Updated Saturday morning: Wow, that was quick. Link has been changed to article where Len Pasquarelli reports Muhammad has already agreed to a contract with the Chicago Bears. And, as we all know, the NFC North is just filled with quality secondaries. Chicago now likely cuts David Terrell, a.k.a. The Man Who Would Be Richard Seymour.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 25 Feb 2005