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07 Feb 2005

Super Bowl Snap Judgment and Random Stats

Two bits from me at ESPN.com Page 2 as we close out the season. First, a list of ten random Super Bowl stat tidbits. You'll recognize some of these from the FO Super Bowl Preview, but they're updated to reflect what happened in the game. Also, the final Snap Judgment of the season asks what we can learn about the future of quarterbacking from this year's Super Bowl, and includes my thoughts on the most incredible play that Terrell Owens made yesterday.

For some reason the DPAR ratings didn't make it into Snap Judgment. For those curious, Brady scored 10.2 DPAR, McNabb 2.7 DPAR. Three interceptions are a killer.

I'll be doing a chat at ESPN.com at 2pm EST today. I hope to see some FO readers over there.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 07 Feb 2005