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27 Nov 2006

Fantasy Football Hall of Fame Finalist: Eddie George

All week, we're profiling the semi-finalists for the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame class of 2007. The FFHoF enshrines players whose statistical accomplishments were more impressive than their actual accomplishments. To be eligible, a player must be retired, have made a significant contribution to fantasy football, and have no shot of making the Pro Football Hall of Fame. To find out more or to vote for your favorite players, read this Friday's Too Deep Zone at Football Outsiders and right here on FOX.

If biceps won championships, then Eddie George's Titans would have won Super Bowl XXXIV and maybe another Super Bowl as well. George's biceps were like steel cables wrapped around titanium rods wrapped king cobras. When he folded his arms, it created a sonic boom.

George was a very good running back, arguably a great one, from 1996 through 2000. He was a tough, durable runner who could also catch the ball. He never missed a game. His yards-per-carry were always a little low, but he did run the ball a lot late in the game when the Titans were salting opponents away.

All of the mileage caught up to George in 2001, when his average dipped to 3.0 yards per carry. But the Titans refused to accept the fact that their matinee idol running back was on the decline. So they kept handing the ball to him. He averaged 3.3 yards per carry for the rest of his career, but the Titans gave him 650 more carries in two seasons to prove that he was finished. And because he was still a pretty good short yardage runner, he kept racking up the touchdowns. In short, George the possible Pro Football Hall of Famer became George the Likely First Ball Fantasy Football Hall of Famer.

But he cannot reach the FFHoF without your help. George leads this year's class of semi-finalists, but he faces some tough competition. If you want to see a bronze bust of George hanging beside such great fantasy running backs as Chris Warren and Terry Allen, you have to make your voice heard on Friday. Read Too Deep Zone, then make your voice heard!

Posted by: Mike Tanier on 27 Nov 2006