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30 Jan 2006

Jets Hire Schottenheimer as Offensive Coordinator

It looks like the Jets are gunning for the record of youngest coaching staff in NFL history. Recent hire Eric Mangini is 35-years-old, and New York's new offensive coordinator is 32. And oh yeah, you might recognize his name: Brian Schottenheimer. That's right, it's Brian Ball time in New York!

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 30 Jan 2006

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by dedkrikit (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 7:16pm

Does this lead to an easier transition to acquiring Rivers? Or is that just too much rumor mill at work?

by Devin McCullen (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 7:21pm

Well, if nothing else, it'll give us a good lead on Rivers' development so far. If the Jets don't make an attempt, it's not a good sign for Phil.

by Led (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 7:35pm

In general, I like a youth movement but Son of Marty doesn't seem like a young stud....just young. I would have preferred either a young genius, or someone with a bit more NFL experience. Time will tell.

by Sophandros (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 7:38pm

I knew I screwed up somewhere. If only I had chosen a head coach as a dad, I'd be a co-ordinator by now!

by Falco (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 7:49pm

wow. I have a Marty Morningwheg/Matt Millen-type bad feeling about how this is going to play out over the next few years. BS is my age and played high school ball in KC area. Not sure he ever played a snap in college. His biggest achievement is his last name and following his dad around.

If I were Curtis Martin, not sure how I would feel about a head coach and off coordinator my age, but with far less experience in football. Of course, he probably won't be around to have to deal with it.

by JonL (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 7:54pm

Echoing #4, I'm always very wary of coach's sons (or other family members) who have worked for several teams, but have also never been employed by anyone other than their father/relative.

by Kevo (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 8:13pm

"A former college quarterback at Kansas and the University of Florida, Schottenheimer has been in the league for seven seasons. He joined the St. Louis Rams' staff for the 1997 season, coached at Kansas City in 1998, then went to the college level for two years at Syracuse (1999) and Southern California (2000)."

So he was on coaching staffs other than his father's.

by Sean (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 8:59pm

Hopefully this means that Schottenheimer tells Terry Bradway to stay far, far away from the walking disaster that is Philip Rivers.

Anyone was going to be a step down from Heimerdinger, but out of the rumored candidates, Schottenheimer was the guy I had my eye on. He did yeoman's work with Drew Brees.

by Carlos (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 9:47pm

I’m always very wary of coach’s sons (or other family members) who have worked for several teams, but have also never been employed by anyone other than their father/relative.

someone beat me to it, he's coached for others... but even if he hadn't, doesn't your Catch-22 logic leave him un-hireable?

by Asshat (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 10:26pm

chargers sux. rivers sux. die san diego.

by Harris (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 10:36pm

Somewhere, Dave Shula is working on his resume.

by Basilicus (not verified) :: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 11:00pm

The headline scared the crap out of me. I was thinking, "When the hell did Marty get fired?" Between Testaverde and Martin maybe they're going for the only coaching staff on average younger than their roster.

by SJM (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 12:49am

It could be worse. When Marty was the Skins' coach, he had his son as an offensive assistant AND his brother Kurt as the defensive coordinator.

by Bill (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 1:54am

The great thing is that I can't figure out whether #10 is a Chargers fan or foe.

by Bill (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 2:00am

Also -

BS is my age and played high school ball in KC area. Not sure he ever played a snap in college. His biggest achievement is his last name and following his dad around.

By those standards Andy Katzenmoyer would make a better coach than Bill Belicheck.

by JonL (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 12:03pm

About my point, it is a bit muddled, but I guess my wariness comes from living through the Schottenheimer Good Time Family Coaching Jamboree Experience in Washington. I don't think he's unhirable, but the fact that five of his eight seasons as a coach have come working for his father should give one pause.

by giving him the business (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 1:58pm

This doesn't look like a Mangini hire to me. I would think a young defensive mind getting his first HC gig would look to an experienced OC, or someone he knows. I fear the Bradway-Mangini rift is getting heated.

by jim's apple pie (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 3:22pm

Poor Jets fans. Chargers fans are ELATED that Brian Schottenheimer will be leaving. "Yeoman's work" on Drew Brees? Hardly. Drew stepped it up only after the Chargers drafted Rivers and he decided to take matters into his own hands. That, plus improved play-calling and a better offensive line, is what turned Brees around. Not Brian Schottenheimer.

by Sean D. (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 4:35pm

I've never heard a good word spoken about BSchott before the Yeomans comment. In fact, I've never even heard Drew Brees mention him. I've more than a few rumblings about BSchotts laziness and ineptitude, but never anything about him being a good tutor, mentor, schemer, etc. Good luck with him Jets, I'm glad my team will be getting a new QB coach.

by Andrew (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 5:21pm

The fighting Schottenhiemer's got the Redskins to an 8-8 record, with an offense consisting of Stephen Davis and 10 guys who should have been on the street, and a pretty good defense.

Its hard to hold that against anyone. What did genius-boy Spurrier do with this same lot the next year?

by emcee fleshy (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 5:43pm

NY Jets Owner: When hiring an O-Coordinator, remember that under Herm Edwards, we earned a reputation for the way we closed out close games.

NY Jets GM: This Schottenheimer guy will be the perfect fit!

by Led (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 5:55pm

Link to the Chargers website. Brees and Cameron say very positive things about Son of Schott, which may be because they mean it or because his father is their boss. Only they know.

by Richard (not verified) :: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 9:35pm

I'd never heard anyone other than Charger fans talk about BSchott and thus I'd never heard anything positive about him. Brees and Cameron seem to be fans of his, though.