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06 Jan 2006

McNair Open to Being a Dolphin

This could be interesting. Steve McNair would help a Dolphins team that won nine games this season, and Miami could have a couple of years to groom his replacement. Plus, McNair will probably cost the Titans $16.4 million against the cap in 2006, and the team could use that money to help pay Pac-Man Jones' legal fees. (free registration/bugmenot required)

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 06 Jan 2006

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by Sebastian C. (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 11:47am

McNair in Miami? Why not...
It surely would be an improvement over Frerotte !!!!

by Bowman (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 12:10pm

It's articles like this that make me wish for a resourse that lets me see the cap hits for various situations. How much of a dead-money hit is McNair if he goes? How much cap savings if he goes? Do the Dolphins have the cap room to take the salary, or would it have to be immediately redone?

Of course cutting/trading McNair now would complete the Salary Cap Hell that TENN has been living in - if they can unload McNair, watch out in '07 when the dead money hits vanish!

by someone (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 1:03pm

McNair really looks like the best choice as a veteran QB for Miami this offseason assuming he's fully recuperated from his sternum injury. I'd rather have him and groom a rookie than give up the farm for Culpepper, that's for sure.

Fins are approx $6m over the cap for 2006 currently but thats before a lot of pruning to be done i.e. Madison, James, Howard, restructuring Taylor and Thomas. There were local press reports saying the Fins might have $20-25m under the cap after all that is done.

by Pats on the Potomac (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 1:10pm

I've thought all season that Miami was going to be a contender next year, and getting a halfway decent quarterback is all they need. Their defense is nasty, but getting old. They need to bring in a capable veteran, and make a run at the Superbowl in '06 or '07 before all of their defensive players pull a Seau.
Go Pats!

by Jamie T. (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 1:11pm

Click my name for a good link containing Titan's cap info.

by jebmak (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 1:14pm

I haven't see much of McNair, and I've hated him ever since he gave my fantasy team two negative weeks in a row to start the season a few years back. Is he still any good? Do I WANT him to go to the Dolphins?

by big_adventure (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 1:15pm

The "problem" with McNair for TN is that he has some INSANE cap number next year if he stays on the roster, so they more or less MUST cut him. By insane, I remember someone saying it was something like 50 million dollars - in other words, just about a whole team. He could renegotiate, but why? That team is miles away from being competetive, and he won't survive another year of pounding behind that line.

My only worry (as a 'fins fan) is that I'm not really convinced that McNair is all that good. I certainly don't think he deserved his half of that MVP award a couple of years back, and that was by far his best year and with a good team. Prior to that year, he was always "playing hurt" and always a lot more of a dink n' dunk guy than a great QB.

All of that said, he's so much better than Gus Frerotten it is silly. That may well be damning with faint praise, because so is Inanimate Carbon Rod (tm).


by Jamie T. (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 1:54pm

McNair isn't what he used to be, that's for sure. That being said, he's still alot better than half the QBs out there. He turned out decent numbers this year with an all rookie WR corps, minus Drew Bennet, who really isn't a #1 receiver to begin with. My subjective opinion is that he's got another two years left in him before he becomes horrid. He only had one injury this year, that being some kind of shoulder problem. Attribute that to Chow's "dump it off to the TE" offense because it certainly wasn't the offensive line that made that happen. That being said, I would be shocked if he went anywhere else. His upcomming bonus is 50 mil. This was put into the contract to force him back to the table to renegotiate. I beleive he will be with the Titans next year. He doesn't want to retire.

That being said, the Titans will actualy have some cap space this year. The problem with that is that will have to resign two guys who will demand much of that room, McNair and KVB. Can the Titans afford both? I don't know as the numbers for 2006 havn't been established by too many people. One thing is for certain though, much of the 30 million dollars the Titans paid out in dead money this year will go away. That combined with the annual increase in cap size should give them close to five million to work with, it's been specualted.

The Titans are desperate for O line help though. They do have one thing going for them in that the 2nd round draft pick of Roos will start at left tackle next year and should be OK, based on his play at right tackle. So, that leaves the vastly cheaper guards and right tackle to deal with. The Titans have a good option at right tackle in Jacob Bell who played all of the 2004 season on the line and who showed he had talent. If Roos wasn't the Titan's LT of the future, Bell would have started that position this year. So that really only leaves the two guards and perhaps a center, although Hartwig didn't play too teribly bad. They could make do with him if they really need to. But the guards must go. The Titans also need safties. Yeah, both of them. Those and the O-line are really the only positions of imediate and desperate need right now. With regards to the safties, it's my opinion that Lamont Thompson could be moved to SS. He's too slow to be a FS, but he does hit hrad. I don't think that's a long term solution though. They did draft a good FS last year though in Vincent Fuller. The problem is he blew out his knee..or something bad, can't remember off the top of my head. He played NB this year and did a good job until he got injured. He's fast and smart, the coaches like him. Again, another unkown.

If McNair doesn't come back, they can fall on Billy Volek for a season while the QB of the future who should be drafted this year (Fisher has his eye on Cutler) sits and learns. So, QB isn't really needed as long the fans can convince themselves that we need one more year to rebuild.

There, that's what I know about the Titans, but I'm not a reporter and I don't have any inside info, so don't count on much of what I said as being correct. Just a fan's take on things.

by James, London (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 6:46pm

IF he's healthy, and IF the Titans let him go then as a Miami fan I'd be very excited to see him in Miami.

However, I imagine that a number of teams would view a healthy Free-agent Steve Mcnair in a similar way. Can Miami win a bidding war?

by johonny (not verified) :: Fri, 01/06/2006 - 8:22pm

Seems like a logical pick up if he's available. The Dolphins simply must sign a vet AND draft a young QB in the first 3 rounds. The addition of a player like McNair would be welcome to Saban to be sure. If only because it will hold down the fans anger when he goes tackle in the first round of this coming draft.

by Rex (not verified) :: Sat, 01/07/2006 - 4:31am

What is the deal with Volek? Is he a legit starter in the NFL? Do the Titans see him as their future or are they looking for Leinart?

I remember just before the season when Roshenhus (sp?) was demanding a trade for Volek so he could start somewhere, obviously that didn't work out for his client either.

by ChicagoScott (not verified) :: Sun, 01/08/2006 - 3:34pm

The Miami Dolphins have announced that Steve McNair is listed on the injury report as "Questionable" for the 2006 NFL opener.